Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mongolian Wedding

Well, I guess it was actually the day after the "jinkin" (Mongolian for true) wedding, but who is counting. It was me. I was counting. I was counting 35 people in one ger. There were two men refusing to take no for an answer when offering airag (fermented mare's milk), vodka, or the more potent Mongolian vodka. And there was one American, whose actions were all very amusing to everyone else there. I ate some soup. sang a Mongolian song, drank the mandatory 3+ shots of vodka, got airag spilled all over my pants, and watched a friend pour her vodka on the floor behind her chair. When someone tried to give me some Mongolian vodka, I figured it was time for me to announce I had to leave and high-tailed it out of there. It wasn't until the cool air slapped my face and I saw the incredible sunset that I realized it was 7:15 and I was pretty intoxicated. This, on top of the fact I wasn't exactly sure where I was, was sure to make my walk home pretty enjoyable. Imagine my relief a mere 15 minutes later when I realized the road I was approaching was in fact the road that runs to my house. At least I got of easy, some weddings are in the countryside and can turn into affairs that last for days. The bride, by the way, is one of my school's staff members. The couple have been living together for some time and have two sons. I am not sure why this was deemed the time to have the actual celebration, but I am glad I got to be a part of it. Even if I did have a pretty big headache in the morning.


kate said...

Hey Baaby! Nice to hear ya, and yes, how nice that you got invited to a ritual so intimate. You must really impress them.
I got through my difficult week, made more difficult by my assistant being out sick. I felt splattered yesterday, took two naps. Really, there are three more weeks of school, then I'm taking bunches of time off. I got to see a number of our family last night at Charlie & Debbie's party, that was great. Ellie and Dan came, and Mary and Mike and their kids who get cuter all the time, and Taelyr, and Shea, who now has a boyfriend, and Stand Rohrig (sp?) who is Mary's cousin on her mom's side, but I've known them so long I feel like they're my cousin's too.
The sky is dark again. I think I will stay inside and sand and paint. I must bring my colleagues saw back to him.
I went to a Secret store yesterday, yes I did. I have a bit of a secret about all that, but I won't write it here.
Okee Dokey, take care that headache!

kate said...

Haha I just re-read that. I meant STAN. Funny.
btw, my Marie Antoinette costume worked pretty well, trial run. I definitely need to do the wet curlers, though. Curling irons just don't do it, with my hair. I'm going to the Senator's party next Saturday, get another shot at it...

Deirdre said...

dear cakey, this is your sister that doesn't have an email address. OK so i love u and how, is ms. Polly potato? your kitty is so cute . so is mine by the way. yeah she is really adorable.. okay that's it oh and i luv you!

Camber Carpenter said...

hey, cool!
Question: do they take gifts to Mongolian weddings? Because, well, one time, I took a gift to a Chinese wedding, only to discover that people don't do that and so I had to awkwardly carry it around the whole time.
Just curious.
Also, Mongolia is coming to Hong Kong for the East Asian Games in December. I know this because there's a giant illuminated display of each participating country and Mongolia has a...oh fiddle, what's the right word...see, I want to say "hut" but there's a more accurate term. Help. Yeah, so you have a hut and a guy in a dress.
Are you coming?

Manny said...

hey cakey!
I had a fun Saturday! we went to a movie (me, mags, alex, and tyler)it was Paranormal Activity. Creepy but not scary ass everyone said. Maggie had a "blonde day" she dropped everything and tripped over EVERYTHING! She dropped our soda, broke her phone by dropping it in the toilet... twice! and many more other things that were very funny. i lost $35 somehow which i am VERY sad about but on the bright side i made someones day! i miss you muchly!

Deirdre said...

Does a bride wear a white dress at a Mongolian wedding? Is glass broken?
Do they kiss? Are there rings involved? And yes, do you take gifts to give, or just to carry around as if they were your purse or something? HA!

I wonder what you will do this week with no school. Did you get a box today?

I love you more than all the stars in the midnight sky!

love, ma

You ARE a risk taker. For reals.

Gabb said...

Ha ha ha! Oh, I'm so happy you were able to celebrate Hobo Days in Mongolia :) That was very nice of them to have a wedding on the correct day for vodka.
Susi was in the parade. The theme was "Hobos save the day" and she was a burgler who stole candy.
The Jacks won, the Pride rocked, I did the splits and some yoga, and Aaron can't remember most of the night. Good thing there are 300 pictures from the house party we were at to remind him :D
Remember when we made an Ursula jack-0-lantern? I must have a theme going because I made a Davy Jones jack-0-lantern this weekend. It's creepy.

How in the world did you fit 35 people in there?

Dad said...

Caitlin, just waiting for my next criminal and thought I would get a short note off. You are well, yes? Keep dodging that H1N1!! Wash your hands, often!! Still enjoying the veggie restaurant? The Zambonies are expending our horizons, may play Lead soon and will be on tour to Terry Peak later in the ski season. Remember skiing with you poor old Dad and my antique boots began disintegrating? Good times!! Love and miss you!