Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sisters! and no school!

Madeline, I hope you have a fun weekend. Please be good! Go to Fort Fear, Dylan will scare the pants off you! I miss you bunches and love you tons!

Claire, I am pretty sure I know you right! Silly goose. Mongolia is good, although not great because you are not here! It is starting to get cold, although I have heard it will get a lot colder! Princess Polly Potato is great. She thinks it is funny to play in the coal bin. If it gets too cold at night she bites my ear, so I get up and make a fire. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. I miss you tons and love you bunches!

My counterpart just told me we will not have class until next Friday. The school will be closed for a week to prevent the spread of swine flu. I have no idea what I will do. Or when I will be on the internet again. Or what else will close. Exciting!

Anyway, miss you all a lot and love you even more! love, C


kate said...

well shucky-darns on the school closing. We have a number of students sick with it here, so it may be prudent, as contagious as it is. I am going to remain in perfect radiant health, I am. And so are you! Or get back there, anyway, done with the colds. And I missed another phone call! My building is sound & signal proof, so my cell phone is useless from 2-10 pm. I think that would be your morning-time.
I'm going to mop my floors now. Lori and Mary Castle are spending the night, both in Denver for conferences relating to landscaping. It's always fun for me to have guests here. Makes it feel like it is really my house.
The snow has not melted. But it will. And then it will snow again.

Deirdre said...

l;;;;;;;;;;;4444444444444,lp, 4l;34m, That is kitty saying hello!
I am drinking my coffee and my little bitty black kitty nudged the bottom of my cup and I have Dark Canyon Snicker doodle coffee flavored jammies. Plus she wants to attack the cursor. She is a kook.

Greggy took Maggie and Madeline to the football game last night so they could see the boyfriends march in the marching band. Oh boy.

Now Manhattan Island is trying to but Tremble. Poor Old Guy.

Tonight is the pumpkin painting.

Fingers crossed.

love, ma