Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drugs are bad

Turn's out the ham that was on the plates as garnish at the vegetarian restaurant is actually soy. I thought it was really funny, but now it is just typical. I wanted to go to the vegetarian restaurant and eat ham and least I still get to go to the vegetarian restaurant and eat. it is so good. it had been open three days and i have eaten there 4 times. yep, twice yesterday. Both for lunch. Do to the time difference... hahahaha

I just looked at the Grey's Anatomy website. Mistake. *tear*

Damn, it feels good to be a volunteer. hi Jennie.

This post is kinda fractured, sorry. I didn't really have anything to say, but I like getting comments from my posts, and I am Amber's apartment, so here is a post. I feel pretty homesick today, but still having a really good day. Does that make sense? I am really glad my sitemates, Amber and Patrick, are back. Esu went to the city, so not everyone is here, but it is nice to see those that are. Tomorrow might be consolidation, which means everyone in our region has to get together and see how long it takes us as a practice of emergency proceedure. I hope so, no work, and hanging out all day! Woohoo.

I can't believe it is almost time for my friend Andy to go back to the US. he has been in Rwanda for almost a year and is awesome. i keep trying to convince to come to Mongolia before heading to North America, I mean, it is practically on the way.
Andy, if you read this, i am proud of you! You are swell!

I miss you all soooosoooo much! love, C

PS Shout out to my wonderful sisters. I love you so much. Try not to drive mom crazy while I am gone. I prefer her at her current level of sanity. I left her that way and I expect her to be that way when I return. Take care of each other and don't forget to miss me. Drugs are bad. See, I am such a good sister. love, C


Deirdre said...

Boys are bad too, Don't forget to tell Madeline that boys are bad. Really bad. Especially boys in cars.
Eat everything on the menu at the cult restaurant. It's got to be better than ox tongue. Anything but that. ewww. Snow on ground. Will we make to the FT. this weekend? You there in tomorrow land, let me know if we can go or not. Tell us if we got into a car accident in tomorrow so I know not to leave if that already happened.

ps. friended Patrick
love, ma

kate said...

I enjoyed your pictures so much I looked at them several times. LOL that kitten is a hoot!
Yes, precipitation today. I would rather have snow than rain, but all we get here is the smell of snow. Tantalizing. A-Basin had its earliest opening in 40 years! And Loveland is close behind. Really exciting, unless you have to drive in it.
Did I tell you about M & D's baby blue fence? Oh, my sister's are going to do a big eye roll on that. Dad wants me to engrave all his very valuable tools, so no one steals them. I might start by cleaning the grime off them.
I miss you too! The contractors are here today, replacing basement windows. They really should have come yesterday when it was 60 and sunny. They are loud, so I'm going to take a bath in my beautiful blue tub, and go to the Modern Art Museum, which I have never been to, and the bookstore. Wear a bright dress to cut through the gray sleet, and my ipod, and just be fabulous.
Alot of people around me are traveling right now, makes me wistful. Henry and Joyce just got back from France and Wales, and are leaving next wk for Bolivia. Another of my usher ladies is going to Africa for 4 weeks. And one of my students is in South Africa for the fall quarter. And you are in Mongolia! sigh. I am in my little house on the west side.
Okee Dokee. Stay warm! Do you have enough warm clothes?

Camber Carpenter said...

oh, so the ham is soy. But it looks and tastes just like ham, right?
Buddhists have done this.
You can't eat meat and reach enlightenment, but you CAN eat bean curd processed to taste like meat, and you will reach Nirvana.

It's science.