Wednesday, October 21, 2009

spooking girlfriend

I am getting better and better at chopping wood. I do much better when I don't have Mongolians watching me, which makes 6:30 am a very good time. The sun is just coming up, the air is crisp and cool (ie freezing, but lets stay positive!) and my spirits are up. I have really come to love mornings here. (Please still be my friend Gabb, we can like different things...)

I drank the last of my Horizons Organic Vanilla Milk boxes on the way to work today. (listening to Elvis Costello and smiling at the sunshine) It was so good I couldn't even be sad it was the last one.

I broke my extension cord today. My sunglasses were all fogged up and I stepped on the plug. Oh well, off to the market I go.

One of my school's staff members passed away today. I didn't know the person. Without sounding too self-centered, I really hope I don't do anything culturally inappropriate.

Anyway, I love this having internet thing! And I miss you all.

love, C


kate said...

Yep, snow is back. I KNEW it. But this week-end it will be 60 degrees again. I love Colorado. I need to run at least three days a week. Today is not one of those days. I'm going to run the stairs at Red Rocks. I just love that that is a park AND a venue. AND I live close by.
This week is super-hectic, with a concert every night, including big, BIG orchestra concert, with a triple concerto, and The Planets, which is sold out. A loose term, since tickets are free. But I have the week-end off, since those concerts are all students, and I can have a student work them. Brother Charlie and his lovely wife are having a Halloween party. That will be fun. And I really must finish all outdoor projects. How many times must the snow warn me, really?
Sorry if my posts are self-absorbed. I figured you want news from over this way, so that is what is happening in my world today. I'm thinking of hosting Thanksgiving at my house. I can get an 8' table from work. Time is moving rapidly, so I think about these things already.
I hope I hope you are feeling better. I'll bet you are better at chopping wood than I am! But not better than Greg. I think he is really good at it.
I love you!

Gabb said...

I suppose we'll just have to have other things in common :)
Way to be die hard though!


kate said...

btw, sorry I missed your phone call! I was in "show-mode", couldn't pause. Yes, the International school at DU is outstanding, and well-regarded. It's now called the Korbel school, after Madeleine Albright's father, who was deeply involved. I've been trying to find a class there that fits my schedule, which I can take for free. If I adopt you, you can go there at a 90% discount!

Manny said...

hey sissy. not as in wuss or coward, more like sister. that just makes much more sense you see. i have started reading the Georgia Nicolsen books again and i swear i cant get through one sentence without thinking of you. good choice with the Elvis Costello (keep that up) also dont freeze because that would be very bad. Madam says hi as does mr speck and mr lore. they all love you. this weekend -if alex doesnt go hunting- we may go to a movie, with maggie and tyler which should be great fun. hahahah di hahaha.
Thinking of you always,

Manny said...

dear cakey,
oh by the way this claire your youngest sister you know me right? anyway way how is maongolia? is it very cold yet? how is your little polly potato? is she cold? I love you and i miss you a lot! you are a risk taker. i love you.