Thursday, October 8, 2009

Consolidation is a go!

I am at Patrick's ger for the fabled consolidation. This is the time where we practice our emergency action plan. Since it took me an hour and a half to get across town, I must be very bad at emergencies. I assure you all that I would not stop for orange juice and chocolate if it were not a drill. Drills demand chocolate. Patrick, Amber, Allison, and I are all accounted for. Esu is in UB. Brandon and Terrence are on their way. Eggs are cooking, the fire is smoldering, and life is good.

Madeline, Boys are bad. Their badness is only compounded by cars. Beware.

Kate, Glad you like the pics. I will try to figure out my battery situation and take more. Smart wool pants would be much appreciated. Tell your friends and family. Christmas is coming.

Camber. I think it is actually physics. Just so you know. Also, when will you come? I have a floor for sleeping with your name on it!

Mom, Amber's thing fell of her wall. Her nails were not strong or stiff enough. They did not go in far enough. At east, that's what she said. hahahaha

Thank you loyal readers!
love, C


Deirdre said...

I thought your ger, (Dublin) was the locale for the consolidation. Did they change it, or did I misunderstand?

We are going to try and leave right after school, if I can get out of the office early. Everyone is packed.

How do the people in charge of such things feel about you guys banging holes all over Amber's house? Sounds like you need a better hammer. But that's just me. That's what she said.

Camber, do not forget that Caitlin majored in French and Art History and religion. I'm just saying.

I love you and the camel you have yet to ride in on. Ha! I crack myself right up.

Patrick and I are totally friends on facebook now.

I miss you and love you and hope the consolidation does not turn into a brawl or something.

love, ma

Manny said...

I guess mom told you about my boyfriend. well thats the biggest news around here. right now im in a hotel room in wheatland. we r stuck here for now!

Andy said...

Thanks for the shout out in your previous post. I am awesome and so are you. I will send you something when i get home, where ever that is. Keep safe!