Thursday, October 15, 2009

Office with Internet!

I have internet in my office! I am so happy. Actually, we moved to the office with internet and now I share with two other people, but we have internet so I am thrilled.

I was shrieking with laughter as I opened my package from the Patient Appointment Center. My cat was freaking out and jumped in the box. I fell over laughing when I pulled out the 2 year supply of taco seasoning. I want my life to be taco flavored.

I miss everyone so much, but I often really like my life here. This morning I was walking to work, drinking Vanilla Organic Milk, rocking out to my ipod, and loving my life. Then I got to work and I had internet. Praise the internet gods!

Off to theatre club. Woohoo!

Mom, we climbed up to the Russian Friendship Monument during consolidation. I felt very friendly to the Russians and watched Anastatia as a celebration.

Madeline, Remember your promise!

love, C


Caitlin Rose said...

I forgot to say that i put the bubble wrap from my awesome Patient Appointment Center package under the camp mattress my dad sent. Yep, I am that awesome and you are that awesome for sending such awesome stuff. Love it!

Deirdre said...

Isn't that kinda crinkly?

Caitlin Rose said...

nope, it is under the camp mattress. Sometimes i forget and kneel on the bed and pop a bubble though :(