Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yum Yum!

Less than 24 hours in UB and so far I have eaten:
French Fries
Pepperoni and Spinach Pizza
Vanilla Milk Shake
2 Iced Mochas
2 Long Island Iced Teas
3 Pancakes
2 strips of bacon
1 piece of jelly bread
yum yum

I took a shower this morning! It was amazing! It was my firt real shower since October 24th ish! It felt so good!

Last night we went to a bar called Twilight. Edward Cullen was not there :( but Long Island Iced Tea was!

I am currently at Nayra's. I just ate pancakes and now I am using the free wireless internet. I love it!

The guest house I am staying in is really nice. I am staying in a room with 8 beds, but only 5 people are there so far. I am sure it will fill up as more PCVs come into town. I am on the bottom bunk and am actually really enjoying it. It is my first time staying in a hostel and it is exactly as I imagined it. And did I mention the shower!

We watched Romeo and Juliet last night. That is such a good movie!

Hopefully, Karaoke and Indian food tonight for Amber's birthday. Tomorrow to PC office for student load BS and other various business and then I need to make something for the big Thanksgiving meal! Woohoo!

Love to all! Happy Thanksgiving! love, C

The pictures are of PCVs reuniting at Nayra's pizza and cafe! So much fun! love, C

Monday, November 23, 2009

Smelly Cat!

I can now play Smelly Cat on my guitar! I am such a rock diva! Polly responded so much to my music genius, that I started to call her Phoebe, we shall see if that sticks. I was laughing so hard at my ability to play a song!

I am so excited to go to UB! I am going to eat food and drink decent coffee and have some big city fun! "Just a small town girl..."

I have so much to do before I leave:
~buy meat for Phoebe
~finish packing
~go to ATM
~give money to Tungaa
~pay bill at Loving Hut Restaurant
~wash tiny load of laundry
~return LOTR to the library

Woohoo! I will most likely not update until I come back, so around the 7th or so. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Happy Birthday Mom, I am so glad you borned! love, C

46°16'19.21"N 102°46'15.27"E I live here!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frozen Orange Juice

Yum! There are very few things in this world greater than making my ger 90 degrees and then eating frozen orange juice with a spoon while watching the latest season of The Office.

School is officially set to start again on Monday! And then I am leaving on Wednesday for UB. Our In Service Training will start next Monday and is 6 days long. We will have most of our sessions with out counterparts that are coming with us. My wonderful counterpart, Tungaa, will be coming with me me. We are going to stay at a hotel outside of UB, but I will have a few days to experience more the city, eat some good food, go shopping, and maybe to a movie. How excited am I!?! Hoodoo girls goes to big city. I am going to try to not spend too much money, but am excited to have so many opportunities to blow some cash!

Brandon is in from his soum for a few days, so we are planning on getting together tonight for a game or two of Settlers. I have yet to win, but tonight may be my night. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I received two fabulous packages from the land of plenty! I was, to say the least, overjoyed. The first was from my fabulous Aunt Sue! So a big thank you to my favorite Cheboyganites! (Cheboyganins? Cheboyganords? Cheboyganians? mmm) Seriously, packages make me really like my life here! The other was from my good friend Mr. Logan Cates Carroll, a gentleman and a scholar, and his lovely mother. That package had, among other things, much needed guitar equipment and instructions as well as a Peace Corps Service amount of cinnamon and more hot chocolate than you could shake a stick at! Seriously, I tried to shake a stick at all the hot chocolate packets, and the stick wouldn't shake! It was quite the phenomenon! Thank you so much!

Allison spent the night in my ger last night. We watched The West Wing (Which I love!) and it gave her a chance to experience ger life. (She has a swank apartment with a broken toilet! Lucky! hahaha!)

I decided to sleep on my bed when it is in the couch position. I think I might be warmer and I only really use that side of my bed anyway, as it has the camp pad from my dad on it. I hope it works and I don't fall of and Polly has enough room too!

I just put perfume on by rubbing one of the magazine adds on my wrists and neck from a June 2008 issue of GQ. Still smells good!

I miss Tom Robbins.

I need to learn how to say "Please make a fire and feed my cat everyday while I am gone" oh dear

Weeeell, I am off to go thrifting with Patrick. I would like another hoodie, so I can have one just for sleeping and one for running, chopping wood, eating and other activities that might get it dirty. Somehow it is ok to wear a semi-dirty sweatshirt for days and days, but I need a clean one to sleep in.

Which reminds me, thanks especially for the new brassiere Aunt Sue. I took a special shower on a non-shower day, just so I could be clean to wear it for the first time!

Ok, thrift store I go! Love to all! Love, C

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Madeline and Claire

People who are unselfish and loving and giving. All the time! And Maggie too!

Not much going on here in Arvaikheer. School is still closed, but I am still staying active. So many movies to watch, books to read, pictures to color, wood to chop, plus I have a cat to play with.

The PCVs here in Arvaikheer have been meeting quite often. Patrick and I ran a speaking group at Loving hut and then played pool and ping-pong afterward, which was fun. Turns out, I am not so good at ping-pong, but I make up for it with enthusiasm. That's what counts.

At Isabella's restaurant last night we discovered the many different ways my sitemate Esayes can move his tooshie. My favorite is when he slams the two sides together "like thunder!"

Other things we have done to pass the time
-State naming contest (Patrick won, but he cheated!)
-Coming up with sentences that no one has ever said before. ie (The Lesbians just finished building their condo on the moon)

Check out my new photos at this link

Monday, November 9, 2009

Three Pairs of Pants!

And still I have cold thighs! Brrr.

School is still out, but I am managing to be very entertained with various forms of laziness.

My site visit is Friday, so a clean ger I must create.

My sitemates and I watched The Interpreter last night. Amber jumped a lot. I had seen it before, but enjoyed it none the less. Cold walk home afterwards though.

I hope we can still go to UB for thanksgiving and training. The Mongolian government doesn't want people to travel right now, so we shall see.

A big shout out to Aaron (and Mike) in Iowa. Good luck and be careful. Poor Gabb is all alone, go hang out with her Susie!

A big thank you to Aunt Casey and Mom for the recent packages and another one for my peeps at the PAC! I love flavoring my life with taco seasoning!

A bug howdy to my dad. You are swell!

I miss everyone!

I could see my breath in my ger this morning! My eyelashes froze on my walk to work. Brrr!

I tried to upload a Halloween Pic of me, I hope it worked.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support! Love, C

Thursday, November 5, 2009

personal projects

School is still closed, at least for another two weeks. So, I have been working on personal projects. Like crocheting and making Christmas presents and watching tv and movies and chopping wood and coloring and brainstorming and writing and reading and staring into space. I am actually filling the time pretty well.

Halloween was fun. I dressed up like an evil doll and Patrick, my site mate, was a geisha, and Esayes was a Mongolian Black Santa, and Allison was the couch. Amber has pics, so maybe I can get them and post them later.

Not much else is going on. Site visits are next week and then soon after that we are going to UB for Thanksgiving. I am really excited about that.

I miss you all very much. My mom sent me a pair of my sweatpants and they smelled like home. It was great. I love you! love, C

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still here

Hey, school should be back later this week. I am still here and enjoying my free time, but feeling pretty useless. A better update to come when I have my internet back. Love, C