Monday, November 23, 2009

Smelly Cat!

I can now play Smelly Cat on my guitar! I am such a rock diva! Polly responded so much to my music genius, that I started to call her Phoebe, we shall see if that sticks. I was laughing so hard at my ability to play a song!

I am so excited to go to UB! I am going to eat food and drink decent coffee and have some big city fun! "Just a small town girl..."

I have so much to do before I leave:
~buy meat for Phoebe
~finish packing
~go to ATM
~give money to Tungaa
~pay bill at Loving Hut Restaurant
~wash tiny load of laundry
~return LOTR to the library

Woohoo! I will most likely not update until I come back, so around the 7th or so. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Happy Birthday Mom, I am so glad you borned! love, C

46°16'19.21"N 102°46'15.27"E I live here!


Gabb said...

"...livin in a lonely world..."

OMG way to learn Smelly Cat! You are my favorite guitarist/diva ever!

Good luck with the food and decent coffee!


kate said...

Hey Caitlin! Great to talk with you last night. Be safe, have fun, soak up that Big City life, to last you a while.
If you can play Smelly Cat, you can play most of Neil Young.
Much love,

Camber Carpenter said...

"...took the midnight train goin' a...ny...where"

I trust you will have a guitar/singing concert at Cottonwood when you get back. Don't forget the little people. Never forget the little people.
In the big world.

Happy Birthday, Caitlin's mom, Deidre! I'm extremely glad you were born, too.
What is this one...the big 30?

Deirdre said...

37 today, Camber. Sneaking right up on 40. I am going to have a mammogram and a pap and pelvic to celebrate my birthday!!

Yes. Caitlin. What Camber said. Never forget the little people.

I hope you are eating, drinking, showering and being merry. I hope Polly is not too lonely. I hope you don't forget to dance. Karriockee sounds like something you should do. If you get the chance, sing "Why does the sun go on shining" for me. I hope you don't forget the little people.

And sister. Ouch on the Neil Young. Really?

Off to be manipulated and poked and prodded. TMI?

love, Caitlin's Mom has got it going on....