Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frozen Orange Juice

Yum! There are very few things in this world greater than making my ger 90 degrees and then eating frozen orange juice with a spoon while watching the latest season of The Office.

School is officially set to start again on Monday! And then I am leaving on Wednesday for UB. Our In Service Training will start next Monday and is 6 days long. We will have most of our sessions with out counterparts that are coming with us. My wonderful counterpart, Tungaa, will be coming with me me. We are going to stay at a hotel outside of UB, but I will have a few days to experience more the city, eat some good food, go shopping, and maybe to a movie. How excited am I!?! Hoodoo girls goes to big city. I am going to try to not spend too much money, but am excited to have so many opportunities to blow some cash!

Brandon is in from his soum for a few days, so we are planning on getting together tonight for a game or two of Settlers. I have yet to win, but tonight may be my night. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I received two fabulous packages from the land of plenty! I was, to say the least, overjoyed. The first was from my fabulous Aunt Sue! So a big thank you to my favorite Cheboyganites! (Cheboyganins? Cheboyganords? Cheboyganians? mmm) Seriously, packages make me really like my life here! The other was from my good friend Mr. Logan Cates Carroll, a gentleman and a scholar, and his lovely mother. That package had, among other things, much needed guitar equipment and instructions as well as a Peace Corps Service amount of cinnamon and more hot chocolate than you could shake a stick at! Seriously, I tried to shake a stick at all the hot chocolate packets, and the stick wouldn't shake! It was quite the phenomenon! Thank you so much!

Allison spent the night in my ger last night. We watched The West Wing (Which I love!) and it gave her a chance to experience ger life. (She has a swank apartment with a broken toilet! Lucky! hahaha!)

I decided to sleep on my bed when it is in the couch position. I think I might be warmer and I only really use that side of my bed anyway, as it has the camp pad from my dad on it. I hope it works and I don't fall of and Polly has enough room too!

I just put perfume on by rubbing one of the magazine adds on my wrists and neck from a June 2008 issue of GQ. Still smells good!

I miss Tom Robbins.

I need to learn how to say "Please make a fire and feed my cat everyday while I am gone" oh dear

Weeeell, I am off to go thrifting with Patrick. I would like another hoodie, so I can have one just for sleeping and one for running, chopping wood, eating and other activities that might get it dirty. Somehow it is ok to wear a semi-dirty sweatshirt for days and days, but I need a clean one to sleep in.

Which reminds me, thanks especially for the new brassiere Aunt Sue. I took a special shower on a non-shower day, just so I could be clean to wear it for the first time!

Ok, thrift store I go! Love to all! Love, C


Deirdre said...

Frozen Orange Juice with a spoon? I am flaring my nostrils. That sounds no good. I am so excited for you to go to the city. Spend some money, honey. Seriously. You have earned it, you deserve it and you should be rewarded. Hoodoo girl.
I called Logan's Mom today to tell her thanks, and got all teary. It seems to be a theme with me recently.

Yea! for the Hot Chocolate. Yea! for the guitar strings and cinnamon. Now you can make a simple pie crust and just sprinkle cinnamon sugar on it and bake it as a treat. You can use lard in pie crusts, did you know (or whatever kind of fat Mongolians use). My Gramma could not bake a pie without lard in the crust.

Who will you say, "Please make a fire and feed my cat everyday while I am gone" to?

Did Tom Robbins go somewhere without you?

I can't hardly wait to hear of your adventures in the city.

Be well, do good work, mind your manners, bring me home an A, make good choices. Don't forget I miss you.

love, d

Camber Carpenter said...

oh, Caitlin. I love you and your mom!
When you say 'Hoodoo girl,' you really are thinking 'Voodoo babe', right? I knew it.
Question: When will I visit you?
Answer: How's next August?
I'll be in Sichuan province of China at the end of July, and I'm sure I could catch a rickety bus to the land of the Mongols. I'll bring chocolate.

Manny said...

hey cakey! glad to hear that you are watching the office. that way you can retain sanity and also just plain hilarity! because it is so funny. plus the west wing is good although it ahs helped my little in civics class. la poo. mother and i are dying our hair tonight. mine is a red/brown and looks quite good if i do say so myself. i would fit in well as a redmond. teehee! i miss you oh so very much and i hopw you are staying warm.
love and kisses,
madi jo<3

Caitlin Rose said...

Clarification: Actual frozen orange juice, as in orange juice that is frozen, not cans of frozen concentrated orange juice. that would be no good.

My haashaa sister will take care of Polly. i think...

I went somewhere without Tom Robbins. :(

Camber: Yes, please!

love, C

kate said...

I'm so glad school is back in session! What a relief! It sounds like you weathered your time off just fine.
It is going to snow again today. The temperature has remained low enough so our last snow is kind of sticking around. Mostly the mountains are getting it, which is exciting. Now I remember why I don't get early-season skiing in! Snow no suficiente!
I've been accumulating items on the shelf, to include in your christmas box. Fun. Mailing on payday.
John the Jazz Fan and I had a big week-end. I had a dinner party on Friday, then we went to a gallery downtown and played audience for a tone poem event. Saturday we went to an Arabic jam and dance party, that was really fun. The hostess tied a hip-scarf on me, and it was like putting red shoes on, suddenly I could dance with magic hips. John's thinking of starting/joining a Rai band.
I'm excited for you to go to UB! Has it been since your training, that you were there?
Your mom is getting busy on plans for a visit, and I am overcoming procrastination and getting my passport replaced. It's hard to think that far in the future, but what a great opportunity, once-in-a-lifetime to see that country, with you there.
I've decided what christmas craft I'm going to do this year, for gifts for our large family. I'm excited, now must get busy.
Love and miss you!