Monday, November 9, 2009

Three Pairs of Pants!

And still I have cold thighs! Brrr.

School is still out, but I am managing to be very entertained with various forms of laziness.

My site visit is Friday, so a clean ger I must create.

My sitemates and I watched The Interpreter last night. Amber jumped a lot. I had seen it before, but enjoyed it none the less. Cold walk home afterwards though.

I hope we can still go to UB for thanksgiving and training. The Mongolian government doesn't want people to travel right now, so we shall see.

A big shout out to Aaron (and Mike) in Iowa. Good luck and be careful. Poor Gabb is all alone, go hang out with her Susie!

A big thank you to Aunt Casey and Mom for the recent packages and another one for my peeps at the PAC! I love flavoring my life with taco seasoning!

A bug howdy to my dad. You are swell!

I miss everyone!

I could see my breath in my ger this morning! My eyelashes froze on my walk to work. Brrr!

I tried to upload a Halloween Pic of me, I hope it worked.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support! Love, C


kate said...

That is an adorable photo! I'll e-mail you my Marie Antoinette. It was a scary hit at the Congressman's party.
I'm having ravioli for breakfast. Rachel, the drummer, is coming to look at the basement. I hope she moves in.
I'm sorry that you're so cold! This calls for some hi-tech clothing. Do you burn both wood and coal in your stove? Where do you get these supplies?
You sound very patient, which is good. I would be bouncing off those round walls by now.
I have eight more days of the quarter, and then my schedule, and my life, get very sweet. Lots of time off. I'm ready for it. I have so many show details in my head they are leaking out my ear!
Be well sweet Cakey. And thanks for the call the other night. It was great to hear ya.

Deirdre said...

Hello love,

You are as cute as a bug. Although you do not look evil in the least.
What news from the flu?

Little kitty Ellis is totally cured.

Madeline is grounded for attitude and late coming home after promises to the contrary. Claire is grounded for attitude and plugged up listening ears. Madeline's phone is dead because the charger is left at Maggie's. I seem to misplaced Claire's phone. My phone is dead, too. We are phoneless. I can't hear you now. And no Facebook. Your lovely blog has become the only was to communicate. I am concerned about this situation and will be taking steps.

I can testify that the Marie Antionette was ab fab. I have seen proof.

Indoor soccer is a kick. It is really hard to score and so dribbling and passing have to be precise and well exicuted. Claire loves it.

She told us this morning that she sometimes stays in from recess to play math games so she doesn't disappoint her class. Madeline freaked out. "What kind of sister do I have?" I LOLed.

Madeline is getting a B in civics, I thougth after The West Wing, she would be totally be aceing that class.


love, d

Deirdre said...

So nice to visit with you. I am sorry your sisters regress to complete pills when you are on the phone with me. Honestly.

Not much new since last night. I am working late again. Madeline is babysitter Zollie and Zania. Those two are wowza! Tomorrow she goes out the Herberger's to sell coupon books for the band trip. She is going to hate it, but she needs to do something to help. NOW.

I sent you a funny e-mail. I think you should it on to someone. HA!

I love you so much,

love, ma