Sunday, November 15, 2009

Madeline and Claire

People who are unselfish and loving and giving. All the time! And Maggie too!

Not much going on here in Arvaikheer. School is still closed, but I am still staying active. So many movies to watch, books to read, pictures to color, wood to chop, plus I have a cat to play with.

The PCVs here in Arvaikheer have been meeting quite often. Patrick and I ran a speaking group at Loving hut and then played pool and ping-pong afterward, which was fun. Turns out, I am not so good at ping-pong, but I make up for it with enthusiasm. That's what counts.

At Isabella's restaurant last night we discovered the many different ways my sitemate Esayes can move his tooshie. My favorite is when he slams the two sides together "like thunder!"

Other things we have done to pass the time
-State naming contest (Patrick won, but he cheated!)
-Coming up with sentences that no one has ever said before. ie (The Lesbians just finished building their condo on the moon)

Check out my new photos at this link


Camber Carpenter said...

closed for swine flu, still? Aiyah!

I like your sentence game. You could make a fortune by selling your sentences to Chinese t-shirt printers. I see crazy things...

"Take off the shiney tights" might be my favorite.

I want to try one:

"Is there a plastic overcoat between the Bunson burners?"

I think everyone should try.

kate said...

Yes, I feel I could keep myself quite occupied without a job. Mostly along the lines of traveling, reading, writing, playing music.
We got alot of snow, and now it is going to stay cold for a while. So I am feeling ya, over here. Chilly willy.
Things are good with John the Jazz Fan. We're having fun.
The Christmas cactus that Casey gave me is getting ready to bloom. It is the prettiest plant, with bursting buds.
I have five more days (do I sound like I'm counting?) of the quarter, and then some excellent time off. Miss and love you!

Deirdre said...

I do not understand the rules of the game? Are there lists of nouns,verbs,adjectives, and adverbs one should choose from. Or do you just come up with something?

And Camber, someone has said "Take off the shiney tights." I could testify.

The ice ate the green friend.

I dunno.

Thanks so much for calling Madeline and Claire unselfish and loving and giving. And Maggie too!

I love hearing your voice. I miss your face. You have amazed and delighted me almost everyday since I met you. Some days you were a huge pain in the ass. Not many though. And I have mostly forgotten them. I really miss you.

love, mom.

Gabb said...

That tricky little pastry is bashful under the lamp.

Dude, this game is awesome. I bet it gets weirder if you get fast paced.

I actually worked on some thesis related junk at work today. It's probably the first time in a month since I've been able to do that. Also, did you know that listerine was originally made to be a floor cleaner? Then it was used as a treatment for gonorrhea? Then someone figured out it made your breath smell good? Ah, the things we put in our mouths. Interesting fact of the day from my co-worker.
It' not a Snapple fact, but I like it :)

Btw, you are my favorite Russian ever. "Я имею кота в моей рубашке" = "I have a cat in my shirt"

Love you tons,

Deirdre said...

I trist the cord pulp taped wet.


Are you hearing of some sort of super flu in the Ukraine?

Madeline and Fiona drove to school by themselves today. And Maggie gets to come home with them. For the first time. In the name of the Father.

Claire has been rubbing my back everynight, since you called her helpful and kind and unselfish and loving and giving. Call Madeline something else, I could use a foot rub too.

love, d

Deirdre said...

It is 0507 in Mongolia-I am missing you so much. I am so homesick for you today. Everyday, but today somehow I am unable to put it in a box. Wahh!!!

The smiled keyed the crumb in the lake of enjoyment.

Deirdre said...

It is 0523 in Mongolia-tomorrow land. I am still very homesick for you.
I put 100.00$ in you bank account today. That means I love you. Now I am going to bake you something. That means I love you, too. Then I might think about the West Wing a little bit. Because I love...The West Wing. And you.
I hope you get a chance to write before you go to UB to shower and eat Turkey. Because I miss you. And you miss showers. And turkey. Probably.

Tasha misses you. It's kind of hard to tell, but I can read her like a book. Claire is reading A series of Unfortunate Events. Madeline is reading tweets. That is all. Tweets. She is a Twitter-er. And and Tweeter. On Twitter. She is grounded from Fiona tomorrow. Because her listening ears must be clogged up.
I love your poetry. You are rocking Mongolia. For reals.