Thursday, November 5, 2009

personal projects

School is still closed, at least for another two weeks. So, I have been working on personal projects. Like crocheting and making Christmas presents and watching tv and movies and chopping wood and coloring and brainstorming and writing and reading and staring into space. I am actually filling the time pretty well.

Halloween was fun. I dressed up like an evil doll and Patrick, my site mate, was a geisha, and Esayes was a Mongolian Black Santa, and Allison was the couch. Amber has pics, so maybe I can get them and post them later.

Not much else is going on. Site visits are next week and then soon after that we are going to UB for Thanksgiving. I am really excited about that.

I miss you all very much. My mom sent me a pair of my sweatpants and they smelled like home. It was great. I love you! love, C


Gabb said...

An entire month lost to the flu. Way to get into the school to get internet, though! I enjoyed it greatly. As it turns out, Transformers 2 blew real hard so I didn't miss anything. I wanted to watch Mean Girls but was outvoted. Lame. :)

Today is Aaron's last day working and living in Brookings. He's going to stay with Luke and Lindsay this weekend so he'll only be a couple hours away from Cedar Rapids. After that he'll have to stay at a cheap hotel until the apartment opens. I'm considering buying internet so that I can Skype you both...though with Mediacom I'm not so sure my situation will actually be improved. I may just spend more time in my office which usually gets internet. Yay SDSU!

Miss you tons, crazy American lady who talks to cats!

kate said...

Hi Caitlin! I'm glad you had a fun Halloween. Nice to hang onto those curious cultural threads whilst afar. I'm all about my job just now, working many hours. I'll be glad when the quarter has ended. We had a couple of show cancellations, which is why I'm still standing. But I work all week-end, and then all week next week. Next Friday I'll be cooked.
Speaking of cooked, your Grandma tried to serve your Grandpa raw fish the other day. So Casey increased the ck hours to include lunch, to ensure no one gets poisoned.
That's about all the news. John the Jazz Fan continues to be intriguing and fun.
I have failed on my resolve to start running again, must start over. Again.
Be well, do good work, keep in touch!
auntie kate

Deirdre said...

Madeline drove herself to school yesterday, all by herself. I was a bit of a freak-out about it. I admit it.
I work this morning and Claire has indoor soccer over at West. So we are going to drive over there, well, Madeline is going to drive over there with me in the car, then she will drive Claire there and back. Yikes.
Last night was the Poet's Coffee House. I read two of my imaginary boyfriend's poems, as I missed the dead line.
Your Dad told me you wrote him a poem. It is, apparently quite good. Nice work, you writer, you.

love, d