Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still here

Hey, school should be back later this week. I am still here and enjoying my free time, but feeling pretty useless. A better update to come when I have my internet back. Love, C


Deirdre said...

I am so relieved to see a post!

I am glad to hear you are not ill, have not chopped anything off and, are mildly enjoying your days off.

Madeline no longer has a beau. (Sheew) I think next time she may get to know a guy before she agrees to be his gal, but maybe that's just me. She has had two concerts in concert (see what I did just then?) with state band and orchestra which is here this year. It is so fun to see her and Maggie with their horns. I love it! She is doing a good job with Fiona True Subaru. You would be proud.

PTA meeting tonight.

Claire's reading level has been bumped up and she has played 25 math games this week, which is 5 more than was required. She carries her math folder around and every spare minute she wants to play a math game. Soccer is over, and indoor soccer starts Thursday. Long live soccer.

The kitties are still cute as buttons and Tremble still is terrified of them. Tasha's rump is healed up, with a very cool Frankindog scar.

Nothing else to report. We are having fabulous weather. Claire was a vampire cheerleader, I was a dead footballer, and Madeline was a cowgirl. With boots on she was 20 feet tall.

That's all the news. Thanks for writing. I hope your school closing keeps the flu away from you!

I love you so,

your ma.

kate said...

Yes, I too am relieved! Checked every day, actually.
I'm up early, as we entered Daylight Savings time. Yesterday I was up at 4, but I managed to read, and go back to sleep until 8, and I thought that was going to be adequate to make the change. Not quite.
Our giant storm has melted. I feel neutral about that.
I'm dating someone new that I like. I feel like I might leap out of my skin, about that. We'll call him John the Jazz Fan.
Today I have off, as I work all week-end. I'm going to get my haircut in one of those high-back pageboy things. There is probably a name for it.
Then to Boulder, to hike and go to the Warren Miller ski film with Miss Juliet. Such a good life I have.
Our swine flu seems to have subsided. That is based on anecdotal information from students, but also NPR reports of less hospital visits. Now we move into the "normal" flu season.
Next week-end will be the second anniversary of your grandpa's stroke. Also his birthday, I think 87th. I'll go to the Ft. and bring a cupcake.
The fall quarter heats up as it comes to a close. Then some serious time off!
Thanks for blogging!

Dad said...

Caitlin, glad to hear you are doing well and that the school might get going again. Loved our last conversation, your friend sounded like he was having more fun than one should have! Keep living the dream! You are much missed here! Things are going well here! Alex was Elmo for Halloween, he seemd to have fun and reacted well to excessive candy consumption! Love, Dad.

Gabb said...

Yay, internet soon! Aaron and I spent Halloween in Des Moines with a bunch of EEs and Lindsay and made the poor choice of watching "The Haunting in Connecticut." Seriously, we watched it during the day with the lights on and it was still creepy! It scared the bejeezus out of me. I no longer have a bejeezus.
Anyway, can't wait to talk to you more because Aaron is leaving for a big kid job which is awesome and 7 hours away :(

I can love you long time,

Aaron said...

I'm glad you may soon find yourself with activities and work rather than idleness and abundances of free time. H1N1 is mean, and should get some manners.
So, in an attempt to be an adult and have money, I got a full-time actual engineering job! Mike got me an in at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids. I'm going to become an Iowegian, which is somewhat alarming. Also going to make a crapton more money than ever before, allowing me to pay rent, insurance, student loans, food, and other assorted goodness every month. Huzzah!
For a second I thought that was a palindrome, then realized u is not equivalent to a. Poop. There, that's a palindrome.
Love you, miss you!

Aaron said...

PS when I say Mike got me an in...I mean he is also in Cedar Rapids and I am going to split an apartment with him on a six month lease

I FLY you. Now excuse me while I use the atm machine