Monday, October 19, 2009

Wow, that last post was long

I wonder what length this one will turn out to be. We shall see.

I got sick, again. I hope it is not the flu, I feel like I have been sick 60% of the time since I got to site. Also, I feel guilty burning coal, but I have this attachment to all ten toes.

I have been watching quite a bit of tv since I have felt under the weather. Extras is brilliant, Entourage is great, Bad Boys was awful yet entertaining, Be Kind Rewind was odd, but not terrible, Talladega Nights was predictable but the outtakes were great.

Polly gets angry when she is not fed. I must remember to feed her at night so she doesn't wake me at 6 am.

I chopped a bunch of wood. I felt really tough. hahaha Like Buffy.

If you are in the Rapid City area, you should go to Fort Fear, by Reptile Gardens. I wish I could.

Ate at Loving Hut again today. Had some pea,bean,tofu,delicious soup and some no-fish sushi. It was delicious. I ate with Melinda who is a VSO volunteer from Australia. Her partner just got here and is hiking around, but will be back in town next week. He is French so I plan to embarrass myself by speaking some horrible French with him.

Leslie and Nathan are in America until next Wednesday. Nathan may bring me back a shooter of Malibu Rum which would of course elevate him to God among en status. The villagers would sing his praises for years to come.

Did I tell you I burned my hand. I was making toast to put peanut butter on. There is no gain without loss. It is all scabbed over, but Polly keeps scratching it. Then it bleeds. Serving my country is riddled with dangers.

Claire, remember when you got your ears pierced? I have like a hundred pics of that. You are pretty cute. I miss you!

Madeline, Don't grow up to fast without me. I miss you!

I miss you all! love, C


kate said...

YOU are adorable! I am so sorry that you are sick. Are you taking vitamins? Getting enough sleep? I have not completely made the transition to digital camera usage. I have pictures that I have never printed, specifically of last Christmas in Rapid Town. Someday soon I will get them on a disc, or on paper, and in your box which I am constructing. I see that it takes basically a month to reach you, so this box would be the x-mas box.
We are still experiencing spring weather in Denver. The early snow is a memory. But we know, we all know, it will be back.
Stay warm sweet pea, and feel better!

Deirdre said...

You gadaflu orwha?

That is my best Jerry impression. You like. I'll take 2 with egg roll.

Christmas. Without you? Wah. Do not like.

It was foggy this morning it looked like we lived not near anything. Like a void. We could barely see Eric's sculpture.

Madeline is doing great with the driving. Very careful and mindful. She drove by herself home from Greggy's to get Claire's inhaler for her at the last bbq of the season. The bbq where Maggies boyfriend came to have supper with us and appearently impressed not only Maggie and Madeline with his abs and biceps, but impressed Claire as well. Madeline and Maggie and the boyfriends went to the Mall and hung out. I will take them to Fort Fear if they want to go. Or maybe a movie. If I can sit behind them.

I had Manny put the cone back on Cha Cha. She was digging at her hiney, and it is not quite healed up.

Tonight Parent-Teacher conferences.
Wednesday-you know.
Thursday, soccer.
Friday Pumpkin painting at Robbinsdale. This must go off without a hitch.
Saturday-maybe Ft. Fear? soccer, postering for the movie and the Poet's Coffee House.
Sunday a little F N B action. Maybe a nap? HA!

Stay warm. Way to sacrifice your body.

love, ma

Gabb said...

Ugh, I hope my package doesn't take 10 months to get to you; it has vitamin-C fizzy in it. Also, I hope you have some disinfectant for your hand. My friends shouldn't get infections. Naughty little Polly!

Hobo Days is this weekend! I'm stoked. I have some profs who think it's a good idea to have midterm exams and projects surrounding Hobo Days. I think they're insane.

Aaron is employed! He got a part time job programming at Midwest Seed. I think he'll end up working for Boerma. Weird. Small town. He also has high hopes of getting full time work at the same company Mike works for in Iowa. I have mixed feelings about potentially moving to Iowa someday. Not that it will happen soon, school may just take forever.

Yesterday my thesis advisor told me I should do a research paper instead of a thesis because it would be easier. I wonder, being that he is my advisor, if he meant easier for me or easier for him. Either way I have to write a giant boring paper.

I long for the days when I could wander into your Dudley's second bedroom and tell you how stupid boys are so you could tell me how stupid fighting with boys is. Now it's like a voice in the back of my head..."Caitlin thinks this is a stupid fight. Shut up and get over it." Ok, fine. Remember when you were in Colorado and would call whenever we had a stupid fight? It's like you had ESPN or something.

...So I don't have much positive news, but I'm going to blame the weather. I think I've only seen the sun once this entire month. It has been rainy and dreary. One of my profs threatened to throw himself off the Campanile if the sun didn't show by the weekend. It did, which is good because he is a good professor and the Campanile is locked for that reason anyway. It's supposed to rain all week again so I should probably warn UPD not to give the Campanile keys to any econ professors.

Ok, I suppose I should study for that Hobo week exam. At least I'm not Aaron, who has to take the FE exam on Saturday and miss the parade and game and take an 8 hr test instead. Ew.

Love you so much and make haste to get well!