Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Camber Carpenter

Damn you! Seriously folks, her blog is much more entertaining than mine. Every time I read it I feel intense pressure to make my readers laugh. Add more humor. Like some diabolical Ben Stiller dressed as a monkey is dancing around me yelling "Be funny, Caitlin, Be funny!" (Dance Derek Dance Monkey!) How can anyone possible compete with such wit and whim and vigor and vivaciousness and other words that start with v and w?

I just watched the first season of Big Love. Super awesomeness! Just had the opening of the youth development room at my school and the new vegetarian restaurant, not related.

Kate, get a facebook. Otherwise, IDk. The link worked for my dad.

Loves to all! C


Camber Carpenter said...

I feel so honored to be the title of your blog post!
Hey, you came up in my imagination the other day when I watched the episode of "Flight of the Conchords" where Bret is visited by several incarnations of David Bowie, one of which is, of course, from Labyrinth.

kate said...

Okay okay okay okay I got Julie to magically turn those links blue, and I got to see Your World! How cool, cool, cool. Really brings it "home". You are so very photogenic. I love the induction dress, it's elegant. And your ger is incredible. Almost makes ya want to live there. Which I would, if it weren't for that pot of meat there, doncha know.j In that one picture.
Ah, I should go home. It is late.

Deirdre said...

My Dear Darling Goober,

You have your own gifts which are great and numerous, as does Camber. Don't you ever worry about bringing the funny. 'Cause you do. And that is that.

Although, those Hevery Putter glasses Camper has are tops! Can you find some of those guys in Mongolia?

Love me some Labyrinth.

Kate, get a facebook. Really. It's not so bad. I like it more than I thought I would and use it WAY less than I thought I would.

I like to communicate with others via your blog, Cakey. I hope you don't mind the hitchhike.

Much much of the most love,


Caitlin Rose said...

I love Flight of the Concords and David Bowie. I can't wait to see that episode! I miss you Mamber Marpenter!

Julie is a magician! cool.

Love me some Deirdre.