Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July

So, I figured out how to call numbers from skype, but I have no one's phone number with me, so if you want a call from Mongolia, send me your digits. It is really cheep and I love it. The other PCTs and I are going to try to find some hot dog type items and watermellon and beer coca cola today and have a little celebration. This is the first 4th in a long time I have felt like being patriotic and i am in mongolia, so i am trying to do it up right. We had to go to school for 2 hours this morning (it is saturday) to make up for 2 hours we will "miss" on tuesday to do a special presentation. I was not very pleased, but I am a trooper. I was supposed to go to a monastary last night with my mongolian family, but then it didn't happen and I am not quite sure why. Perhaps we will go another time...communication is obviously still an issue. I am going to try to go to the public baths tomorrow and start the week off clean. Apparently other PCTs had hot showers, so maybe I will get one, i think it is just a matter of timing. I am really looking forward to being placed. Living on my own and cooking my own food seems really lovely right now. Of course, my last three meels were hosher (lunch hot, dinner cold, breakfast declined) so some variety would be lovely. I miss you all! I miss food! love, C


Deirdre said...

We had car trouble so made it to Hot Springs and had to turn around. I think it is transmission. Puke!

Claire is a trooper, though, like you, so we trooped back. I just feel so badly about Casey. Dad wanted to go to Yampa and is mad that no one is taking him.

Madeline is staying with the Mayor, so she is not feeling badly or sadly. I may drink. Heavily.

Happy 4th of July.

Nice to read on you. I saw a very cute picture of you and Kimberly and Ellie on Ellie's face book.

I love you! I am sorry I am always the first one on your comments. But what's a mother do to?

love, ma

Caroline said...

I only get net access once or twice every 9 days, and I took the time to read up on your adventures. Camping is too cool for school! Can you believe gab is engages? WTF! awesome!

Too many crazy things in the world. I hope you are liking mongolia!

Tom said...

Hi Caitlin,

Glad you arrived safely, and sad you Mom had to turn back. Odd hearing about happenings across town via the wilds of Mongolia.

My friend Dan made two trips to Inner Mongolia. He practically lived on chicken feet for six weeks. The worst thing he had to consume was Tibetan tea with rancid yak butter--gak! The second worst thing was baiju, Chinese white lightning. At banquets Dan would be toasted frequently with each toast requiring a shot.

Beware of Mongols bearing cheese.

Tom Juntti

Dad said...

Caitlin, good to hear from you! Happy 4th of July. Lucy has been pushing under the chain link fence and otherwise whining at the back door, spending a large amount of time ( and I mean large) inside due to fear of the fireworks. Do the Mongolians have fireworks? Obviously those originated in China so they may decline! Dianna and I had Alex overnight, he got tubes in both ears last Thursday, but is doing well. He seems to be hearing better (when he wants to) and should be speaking mu7ch better soon. His birthday is 07/18, he will be 2 yrs. old! It has finally slowed own on the rain here and is getting hot out again. Got to ride the motorcycle to R.C.last week which was fun, but made it back home just in time for some thunder, then rain. The Zamboni's play again on 07/17 - 18 so will give you a shout out! This country needs to get over MJ already!! Love, Us here in Spearfish!.

MurphandPatti said...

Hi, beloved granddaughter! It's great to read your blogs. Sounds like you did your best to celebrate the Fourth. We especially enjoyed your surprise phone call. This modern age -- you sounded like you were across the street, not across the world! Anyway, you are indeed a trooper and always have been. Grandma and I have you not only in our thoughts but in our prayers as well. Keep on keepin' on!
Grampa M