Monday, July 6, 2009

Comments and suggestions

Hey I love those comments people. A big shout out to you hospital people! (say hi to Morgan for me, Morgan's Mom!) Also I put a list of things i would like sent to me when i get my address, so if you want start getting a box together! love, C


Gabb said...

Yay, box!
I'm really glad you were able to make fried potatoes whilst singing about them; that makes me happy. It reminds me of camping with you and your family (hi gorgeous ladies!) It also makes me a little sad that you don't have coffee of the delicious variety. Is that first on your list?
I too, look forward to you getting your own place and computer so that you may cook and I may see Mongolia vicariously through you. Don't grow a beard or I won't recognize you in the pictures.

Camber Carpenter said...

I respectfully disagree with Gabb and encourage you to grow a beard.
It would be epic and you would for sure win the Hobo Day contest.

A said...

Bonjour !

Joel and I are back ! I just today went on to your blog site and am reading like crazy ! Camping with the kids sounds great. You'll have to make chicken kabobs for them. Can you make s'mores too?
Love reading about you adventures, hope the ear clears up soon. I'll send some snap shots to your email.
Bisous !

Dad said...

Caitlin, hang in there. The ear infection should pass. Try to keep your ears dry. The Mongolian opera sounds great! Those experiences are the reason you are there!! How are the classes going? Is the language getting easier? Describe more sights and sounds. Love, Us.

Gabb said...

Touche, Camber. I could probably handle a mustache...of the handlebar variety. It would look stunning while you ride your pet yak.