Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Great Water Bottle Incident

Peace Corps gave us money to buy ingredients for Friday when we were to make food at a ger. A bunch of us went to two different stores and then Katie and I went to the hospital to visit a girl who had her appendix out from Finland. Sometime during these travels, I lost my water bottle, which has been my friend through many travels. I was, to say the least, distressed.
We didn't have to meet at the school until 10, so at 9 I walked around to try and find it. I tried the Seattle Store (the girl's whose family owns the store goes to college in Seattle and speaks rocking english, so we love it), the school, and finally the large "black market" store. After much confusing discussion, the woman at the store found it behind another booth. I was so happy that I was bouncing on my heals, so the woman grabbed my arm and started bouncing too! It was such a cool moment.
So then I went back to the school and we all headed to ger. We made pizza hosher. Hosher is a mongolian staple food that involves dough wrapped around usually mutton or beef and onions and is fried in oil and is highly edible. We however, put tomato sauce and ham and green peppers and onions and Happy Cow Cheese. It was delicous and I loved it more than almost everything in the whole world. Seriously, best food in Mongolia yet! It was the best day!
Until later when I started puking...
I puked alot. I think I ate a bad egg for breakfast on Friday. I was miserble.
I walked very slowly to the post office to write this blog and call some people and now I feel like going back to bed. But am going to try to go to the shower house and take my first shower in 2 weeks. I love it here, really, I do.


Deirdre said...

What's not to love? A cool shower, a fried pizza pocket, bad eggs and food poisoning, a lost and found water bottle, and internet at the post office. Ha!
I do wonder however, how the poor girl had a appendix from Finland. No wonder they had to remove it. Did they send it back to Finland? Srsly. That was very nice of you to go see her. If I had my Finnish appendix out (if I had a Finnish appendix, which I hope I do not) I would hope that you would come me. Especially if I was in Mongolia. Course, if I was in Mongolia, I would probably be with you all the time and you would not have to come see me, but rather try to get away from me. So. There's that.
I love you. I miss you. I hope you get a box from Rapid City this week. I hope your appendix is not from Finland.

love, ma

kate said...

Ah, I had a similar experience with my phone this week-end! Lost it at the Mile Hi Music Festival. ach. But I did not despair, not for one minute. I was just sure it would be found. Andy, the teenager, called it, and a fire-fighter answered, and I met him and adored him and I didn't have to reconstruct my contact list. I jumped up and down, for sure.
That food poisoning sounds just wretched. So sorry. I hope it leaves you quickly, and I hope the pizza rolls tasted good both directions.
Brother Tom is coming up this week-end, and we are going to do a big Denver blow-out. Art Museum and Elitches. Strategizing about how to involve Kaela & Jacqueline. Tomorrow Lori and J. are coming to Waterworld for her 16th birthday, and I'm going to take a really long lunch and join them for a bit.
I'm closing in on getting roommates. Funky people much younger than me. I just hope they are clean and happy as they appear.
That is about all I know. Thanks for writing. I can picture e-mail from the p.o. How much do you have to pay? Luv ya!

Gabb said...

For your amusement...Yesterday an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was driven into a Wisconson man's house. The huge wiener destroyed his porch and cracked the foundation of his house. I like to think that his insurance claim went like this: I need a new porch because my house was impaled by a giant hotdog.
Hope you're feeling better and were able to shower...if not, I hope the giant wiener made you laugh! Love you!

Camber Carpenter said...

I was going to ask you about your friend's Finnish appendix too, but Deirdre, you're just too quick for me.
I still have my boring American appendix, which I always wanted removed because I thought I would get to eat ice cream for a week, then someone told me that's for tonsils, and since it so happens that I have some really cool Icelandic tonsils, I decided to keep them.

Hey, take a shower. you smell. but not as bad as stinky tofu.