Friday, July 10, 2009

Post Naadam

Naadam was great and a little frustrating. I feel like I made some cultural mistakes in a tent with some older Mongolian gentlemen, but a really could not figure out what to do with the large bowl of Airag (fermented mare's milk) they gave me and I wasn't going to drink it all. Also, after seeing the wrestling and the horse racing and eating hosher, I was ready to go but my host mom didn't want me walking around alone, so she insisted I wait for her, which ended up being far longer than i wanted to be in the dust and rain and crowds, but it was ok. We had are mispoint evalutions yesterday which was another stressful experience, but its not like they are going to send me home as a result. This is hard, and I am not great at it, and that is hard for me. Oh well. Anyway, everything is wet and muddy right now and I may just go home and watch some West Wing. I cut Brad's hair this morning, it looks great! I am quite talented. I can't get skype to work today which bums me out. Katie got two, two, TWO packages yesterday. I was so jealous. I hope I get a package soon. When did you send that one Mom? Katie gave me a fruit rollup, a packet of kleenexes and a carmex to make me feel better. It did! I played soccer in the rain today. I will try to call those you whose numbers I have soon. love, C


Deirdre said...

Please cut yourself all the slack. When even basic communication is difficult and cumbersome, it is harder than hard. Plus also you are far away from all you love and know and will be for a long time. I can barely imagine how hard it can be. It is too bad that your eval. was part of the stress of the whole situation. I am sorry.

I know you. I know you do not suck at anything. There has never been a thing that you have wanted badly enough, that you were not a complete success at. You do not suck. You are going through a big transition, and you are bound to have moments of self-doubt and fear and depression.

I am working on a plan to get to Steamboat for a few weeks.

I saw your post on Rowan's site. That was very nice of you.

It was great to hear your voice. I so look forward to hearing from you. I hope you got your box. Goodies will help loads.

MUCH love and support and I am in your corner. Always,

love, d

kate said...

Caitlin you will not feel like that for long. There will be sweet times and happy times and they are right around the corner! I'm so glad that you are close to other volunteers. Imagine if you were alone, out in a rural area! I remember when I visited my pal Mike in Lesotho he was way out in the middle of nowhere. I bet you'll look back on the cultural party-fouls and laugh someday.
You are doing a great and amazing thing, but it wouldn't be such an adventure if it wasn't hard.
You have many many people who adore you, me included. Things will settle in for you, and get easier. I love you!!

Deirdre said...

hi cakey i really really miss you a lot and if u can you can text me on my phone u can call me 2. miss u and love u by claire

CLR said...

Hang tough & remember: this too shall pass. You are in Mongolia having the adventure of a life time, live in the moment. The struggles you face now will pay huge dividends later in life. Keep a positive outlook and look for the good in all situations and you will find the strenght you need. I love the blog and start off each day by reading it. Keep the posts coming!
Love, Uncle Charlie

Deirdre said...

So, Do you recommend coming to Mongolia during Naadam or not so much? Too touristy?

Well, that's funny.

I am peddling as fast as I can, and I am sure you are peddling even faster.

Carry on,

love, Mrs. Caitlin?