Monday, July 6, 2009

Ear Infection

I am pretty sure I have an ear infection. What a weird illness to get in Mongolia. I would have thought food poisoning or rabies, but it actually kind of makes since. I haven't been able to proparly wash out my ears do to the zero water pressure. So, the medical officer is sending an irrigation system tomorrow and hopefully all will be well. That may be more info abiout my ears than anybody wanted, but there you go.
The 4th of July was good. We made hot dogs at my house and fried potatoes and drank some beer and listened to Hendricks do the national anthem live at Woodstock a couple of times, so having no lake and no fireworks it was a pretty good fourth. I also did laundry, which is boring, but was exciting to wake up on monday with clean clothes. I am proud of my camping skills, which is not something i thought about having before coming here, but all those trips to Roubaix were apparently not just for fun, but secretly preparing me for Mongolia. (ie. I can fry potatoes whikle singing a song about fried potatoes)
I went to a traditional Mongolian Opera last night randomly. It started at 6 and we left the house at about 6:10, walked there and still waited for 40 minutes for it to start. Mongolian audiences are crazy hilarious. They talk on the phone, thy talk to each other, they laugh and yell at their kids, the kids run around and climb over seats, it was very different. The show itself was really good. I couldn't really understand exactly what was going on, but i think there were 2 couples, the first of which were really in love, and the second trying to break up the others, and then they all killed each other in the end. There was intrigue, danger, and romance, and sword fighting, and wrestling, it was everything i dreamed of and more.
Mom-sorry about having to turn around and the car, huge bummer. Glad you trouped!
Caroline- I was there! When they got engaged! And they are waiting to get married until I come back!
Tom-isnt technology fun!
Dad-I miss you! Kiss Alex for me!
Grand-rents-i love you, go eat some Georges Pizza for me! Better yet, start getting a package ready to send me as soon as I get my addy! Suggestions forthcoming I love you!
love, C


kate said...

Hey sweet pea! I love the observations about the audience culture there. Funny. And it just IS. 4th of July was great in Yampa. All the Walters girls were there, as their dad died and they were having a memorial. They rented all the Van Camp Cabins in Yampa, over by the post office. It was the Walters Compound. A mediocre but earnest rock band played both nights, so we went up and danced. David was holding court, as you can imagine. It was fun dancing with Darla's daughter Alyssa, who is about your age. I got to see Kim and Taylor briefly in Steamboat, as they were headed back down to Loveland. Casey gave me a dresser, yahoo. Yes, my dad is maddest at me, as I was actually driving up there. Pat and Charlie didn't go. But I had too much on my plate, and as you know, he takes total care. I'm starting to get a picture that you are with this host family for a little while longer, and then your assignment might be in a totally different locale? And you will live alone? Yes, do send address, I'm enjoying assembling items. How's the Mongolian cheese?

Gabb said...

I met Aaron's boss at a IP Lab picnic (where there was a French juggler) and his wife was quite huffy about not understanding why 'girls these days' were waiting forever to get which I responded "I hate weddings and my best friend is in Mongolia." Their suggestion was to go to Mongolia. Bring on the vodka and all night party!

Aaron said...

So the Mongolian opera sounds pretty awesome, I'm kinda jealous! I hope you enjoyed your fourth overall...funny how the patriotism hit you when you are no longer in a country where fourth of july means something other than the fourth day of the month. I felt pretty patriotic myself...Gabb bought me a kid's pack of fireworks since Minnesota didn't allow fireworks when I was a young one, and then I got to shoot bottle rockets at mikey's, and then mikey burned his thumb on a fuse and we all laughed at him. And like Gabb said, we have a French intern in our lab and he rocks at juggling. He tried teaching me to juggle pins/clubs but it was disastrous. I am glad you are doing cool stuff and rocking the world! Keep on keepin on! Love you tons!

Deirdre said...

Ouch. I hope you are not miserable. Maybe some ear wash will help. 'Member the time? We had wash your ears out everyday? 'Member? With peroxide? Good times.

I still cannot find your keys. I must get my car into the shop, but cannot be without a car as Madeline has drivers ed and Claire swimming lessons and piano lessons and soccer camp and I work. I think I may call Subaru and have them make a key from the VIN (number. Ha!)to make me a new key.

Casey is a sheerah warrior woman. It was time to take Doug home and she was exhausted and angry and scared and worn out. So, like the Redmond woman she is, she took charge of the whole show and got him home. He is in the Steamboat Hospital. Kim and Taylor said he was so happy to be there. I know that this will be a million times better for all of them.

Madeline started drivers ed. We were late. That was bad. She stayed up late doing her homework. That was good. She is very excited. That is good.

I bought Claire a bike. She calls it Falcy (it's "brand" or whatever is a Falcon.) She could not be happier.

When you get home lets have a Mongolian Opera night. You can play all the parts and Madeline and Maggie and Claire and Tasha, Tremble, Pepper and Stevie can be the audience. That sounds like fun.

I love you. Much. Like bacon.

love, ma