Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Way through Training!

I am half way through training and am getting very excited about finding out where i will be living for the next two years and actually getting to start my job and my projects. I am also excited to stet up my own house or ger or apartment. I can't believe we have been here over a month! I am really bummong about Harry Potter and will personaly hunt down anyone who spoils something for me. I might get to see it in UB, the capital, but if not I will just have to wait to get it on DVD. I did get some new movies from a fellow PCT (thanks Cameron!) and I have a ton of work to do, so boredom is not really an issue...yet. I have yet to recieve a package that has been sent, but I am looking for it everyday! As soon as I get my address, I will post it so all you lovely people can send me as much chemically altered food as possible! We had a wicked storm last night, with hail and lights flickering. A big shout out to everyone who has commented, someday I will not have to pay for internet and so can give more personal replies! (A Shout out to Uncle Charlie! I didn't know you were reading! Thank you!) (Another shout out to my little sisters whom I love so much!) Please keep me updated on things happening in your life and know that i am with you in spirit and that I think about all you guys often! (Casey, I love you!)
love, C


kate said...

Hahaha! I get to be the first to post a comment! The Rafael Mendez Brass Institute has me getting to work by 7:30, so there is the up-side to that! I'm excited for you, to get your assignment. It sounds pretty vigorous right now. Brother Tom is coming to Denver next week, so we'll go to the Art Museum, Elitches, other fun things. I'm on the search for roommates. The upstairs bathroom is nearly done, it looks great, in a simple sort of way. Tile is expensive! I'm going to the Mile Hi Music Festival Saturday, to see 10 hours of rock and roll. That is about all that is happening in my life right now. I love and miss you, and think of you every day. I love reading your blog! Be well,

Gabb said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are halfway done!..with training!
Do you feel very Mongolian yet? Hopefully some of the stress is ebbing. If not, good thing you're a trooper! You pretty much radiate awesomeness.
I have yet to try my washboard, but I did catch myself pondering the best ways to play it while at work.
Aaron and I are taking engagement pics this weekend if the weather is nice. My dad is taking them so that will be nice and awkward. I'm willing to bet that the best picture of us is on your camera though (it involves ponchos and an emergency heat blanket!) Ha ha, potato.
Miss you tons but so happy I still get to talk to you! I'll be your hitman if someone ruins HP for you :)

MurphandPatti said...

Gramma and I thoroughly enjoy your blogs, sweet granddaughter. As soon as you get a permanent address we'll send a package, for sure. Now I hope that this gets to you okay. Sure wish you could hear your dad and your ol' grampa sing and play sax, respectively, on Van Morrison's HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY at Joy's wedding. We're eager to meet Ben, too. Keep on keepin' on! We love you tons and tons.

Aaron said...

So I looked up descriptions and photos of naadum and it looks intense... the wrestlers in the photos were wearing vests that were way too tiny! (don't tell them I said that, I'm pretty sure any one of them could kick my butt any day without looking)
Looking for a job is tough. Could mongolia use any American electronics engineers? All I've got going for me so far is an interview in Pennsylvania. Anyway, miss you tons and can't wait until you have your more long term home figured out!

Deirdre said...

I waited to not be the first one. And it worked, More comments. Sonya Sotomayor appears to be headed to a fairly easy confirmation, but you probably don't need me to give you the news. I am finalizing plans for Steamboat. Can you think of anyone beside Keri who might want a little personal space for a few weeks? I am striking out.
We found out yesterday that Claire made the Machine, Challenge soccer team. Madeline got her permit. She has not driven on a busy street yet, but doing great in Old Robbinsdale.
I sent another box. I paid a little more for this one, so I could have tracking. I am worried that you may never get a package. Sad face.
Claire starts soccer camp on Monday. Madeline has Driver's Ed through Thursday. Claire is done with swimming lessons, and will do level 4 again next year. We think this is hilarious. I don't know why.
We got a new Netflix yesterday, so you know what we will be doing this weekend!!
I hope you get a box soon. I know you must feel left out. Just know that out there somewhere are two boxes traveling around FOR YOU!!!

love, ma

kate said...

Hey, Cakey, do you have a Melita? If I send coffee, do you have a way to brew/filter it? Cuz I can sure send one of those too.
Luv ya!