Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Its finally here people! Today I will see the three manly spots in action. Thanks for pics madame! It makes me feel so special you took a picture of me in the D'Orsay! I will try to write a big post soon about how Naadam goes. Casey, if you are taking time to read this, know that I love and think about you all the time and mss you tons! Send me your phone number so we can talk! love, C


Mark said...

Hey, Caitlin!
I love your blog so much! And you, too, of course. Lots. Anyway, all's well here. It's finally sunny and high 70's - I do love the freakin' beautiful northern Michigan summer days like this. Sophia's at Camp Chickagami this week - an Episcopal camp, for God's chosen, you know. Sometimes called the "frozen chosen" - hee-hee! The other two are fine. Maurie's been working at grandma's gift store with Aunt Dawn, which is a really good thing, since he's a hellion and work keeps him out of trouble. Zora's having a whee of a time with the sitter, and went for a run with me last night - I jogged and she rode her bike and criticized me for not running any faster. I tried to explain that I'm almost 43, but she was ruthless.
I had my nursing program orientation all day yesterday, so now I'm terrified, but at least I have a ton of paperwork to fill out. Sheesh.
Well, I'd better get back to work.
We all love you!


Deirdre said...

Did the wrestler's wear pretty panties like I have seen in pictures? Was the atmosphere like the Opera? More subdued?

Madeline gets her driver's permit today! Look out!

I have the day off. I have a million things to do, mostly get a key made for your car and get mine to the shop.

I hope your ear feels better. I hope you have received a box. I hope you are sleeping well. I hope you are learning a lot. I hope you are not too homesick. I hope you don't smell real bad. I hope you have everything you need. I hope you know how much I love you!

love, d