Saturday, June 27, 2009

food and stuff (mostly for dad!)

Well, it is pretty cold and wet right now. The Peace Corps took offered to store our cold weather gear for us, so none of us have very warm things. Oh well. My classes are going well. They are hard and we have class from 9 am to 6 pm most days, so I am sleeping really well. Karoake was closed last night so we ended up just going to a restaurant and talking. We still had a really good time. I am eating so much bread it is riduculous. My host family will usually serve meals with rice and/or noodles and always bread. I have bread at least at every meal and sometimes for snacks. I need to find something else I can eat! The meat and dairy products are not very enjoyable. But some good news, turns out I like cabbage. Who knew? And cucumbers. We have a lot of cucumbers. I can still tell that I dont really like them, but my body wants them so much that they almost taste good. I wasn't able to pull up my gamil account today, so hopefully I have enough onfo to appease my trainers! I love you guys!
PS End of July, the CYDs (thats me) get to take kids camping for three days! I am psyched!
love, C


kate said...

How often do you get to see your fellow pcv's? Is it hearty bread, or slices of white bread? Is this your family forever, or is there a time in the future you might stay with someone else? When you go camping, is all the gear provided? Like a WARM sleeping bag? I went to Ft. Fun Friday, and Saturday the girls, dad and I went yard-saling. It was fun. It is hot here now, the month of afternoon thunderstorms is done. I'm going to Yampa for the 4th, and might take M & D. I love reading your blog. Sorry about all the questions, I'm just so very curious. I love you! And am so proud of you!

Gabb said...

Oh sad day without singing! I hope you have pictures anyway. Lots of them.
Yay Mongolian camping! Do you have your smart socks?
Zach's coming out here this week. Do you think he'll let me mail you his dog?
Have you been inside a yurt yet?

Caitlin Rose said...

Gabb! I love you! I do have my smart socks, but currently I am wearing shorts and sandalls, it is hot. I do not want zach's dog, the other dogs would be mean to him and he would probably get rabies. I have been inside a ger, just the once though! love, C

Deirdre said...

I am excited to hear about your camp out. I think we might go to the Ft., as Casey and Doug are still there and I want to see them before they go back to Steamboat.

I have another box ready to mail, I just have to get down there to do it. Protein on the way!!!

love, d

monahand said...

Hey Caitlin,
I'm loving your food adventures. Iris would love it there in the land of all bread, few vegetables, and no meat. We're getting a box ready for you and will ship soon. Meanwhile, we've been exploring South Carolina. Last week, Iris and Elsa and me visited the Button King and Pearl Fryer's topiary garden. You can google them. Yesterday we went to the Freestyle amusement park at Myrtle Beach, which was empty. No waits for rides! It was like being Michael Jackson, only alive, and without the talent or weirdness.
Eat well, be safe, and keep us all posted!
Lotta love,

monahand said...

Hey Caitlin,
Me again. I'm finally editing the doc about Randy Ivers and his garden I shot over the last two summers, and I just now came across some shots of you hanging out in Arlington, and the shots that YOU shot. Looking good!
Thinking of you,