Saturday, June 13, 2009

double decker plane

Hey everybody! I am in South Korea after a 13 hour plane ride from LA in a double decker airplane. Unfortunately it was the first class who was upstairs, so I did had to content myself with the main floor. It was seriously the biggest plane I have ever seen in real life! (I think Harrison Ford's Air Force One was wee bit bigger) I sat in the middle of two people not in the PC, so that was kind of a bummer. I already miss my people so much, but I am trying to focus on the good. Like I am in Korea. I bought wheels that I can attach some luggage to. I am actually doing this. Overall, everything is pretty good. I already have that slightly off balanced feeling, almost tipsy-like symptoms of jet lag. The people I have met are really interesting and I have great hopes for all our bonding we are going to do. We have a couple of hours here in South Korea and then it is back on a plane for a 3 1/2 hour flight to UB. It will be about 2230 when we land, so I am planning on taking some Tylenol PM and trying to sleep though the night. I didn't sleep very much on the plane, but played some video games and watched movies on our individual little tvs. I wanted to watch something happy but then I saw GOOD with Viggo was a choice and so I had to watch that 'cause I miss my mom so much! Nazis are scary and it was weird to feel sorry for Viggo the Nazi. Well, then I watched Bedtime Stories which was predictably dumb and then I tried to watch a short documentary about Mongolia but it was all about the animals and they started showing tarantualas and I had to stop. They did talk about the musk deer which is like a cross between a rabbit, a deer, and a kangaroo and the males have tusks like a boar. Ummm. I want one real bad. The boy sitting to my right smelled not so good. The woman sitting on my left picked her nose and wiped it on her blanket. Continuously. Anyhoo, I am going to go change and try to look a little but more presentable and maybe try to rest a little. The airport is made of very clean glass. We had to go through security again. I do not know why. This is perhaps the worst writing I have ever seen, but I was just on a plane for 13 hours with Teenage McSmelly and Nez Pickee so cut me a break! I love and miss you all. Probably. Unless I dont actually know you. But those of you who I do love and miss, you know who you are! love, C


Camber Carpenter said...

You're funny when you're jet-lagged. You're also funny when you're not.
Get used to the nose-picking. I saw a guy on a train the other day, picking both nostrils at once! TWO HANDED PICK!
Also, not sure about Mongolia, but a lot of people from Mainland China will grow their pinkie finger nail really long and use it to pick more effectively!

Mom said...

Forget about the plane. What about the Movie. Was it good? Ha. So to speak.

So nice to read that you are where you are and that you are there and that there is where you are.

Two handed pick, Camber? Honestly.

We got back from Colo. My parents are still crazy. My sister has a lovely house. Madeline stepped up so nicely and got the converter box installed and helped get stuff in and out and picked up and just did great.

Tasha ran away as soon as we got in the door. Madeline fell apart and just wept. She was underslept, and overstimulated and overwhelmed. She cried about missing you, the whether, her dad and her dog and gramma and grampa. Poor baby. But she got in her jammies, I went and found the dog down at the liquor store and we all collapsed in bed.

What is the name of your town?

Do you have regular internet access?

We got pedicures. Fancy.

love, ma