Friday, June 19, 2009

Host Family

Cahn! It means good. which is what I am! I transfered from the dorms to my host family yesterday. It was very confusing but good. The woman who picked me up is actually my host aunt. I have a mother Tuul, a 9 year old sister Undarmaa, and a 5 year old brother with a very hard name I can't prounouce yet that means Healthy Sun. Apparently there is a dad too, but I have not met him yet. I think he has been at the hospital. Both my host parents are doctors, so I am living the high life compared to some. I have a shower (although it is full of dirty clothes) running water, a toilet, a bed, and electricity! Hopefully the shower is functional and I can use it in a day or two. I can't believe how much we shower in the states! Here, not so much. The PC took our winter stuff and then today it snowed a little. Luckily I had my trusty RCRH windbreaker! (Thanks to mom and all the folks at the PAC!) I am slowly picking up some Mongolian. I cannot eat much dairy here. It tastes like the floor of the Stock Show or licking a horse (even more than Viggo's tea!) I do however like Rice and Milk. Its hot like oatmeal. I am drinking lots of tea and trying not to eat too much fat. At the restaurant we went to a couple of days ago, I ordered soivan (noodles and meat and some veggies) and got noodles and fat and one carrot. The carrot was delicious! I am still getting up really early, but I am going to try not to nap today and maybe be able to sleep in tomorrow. I dont have class until monday, so all weekend with the family! It is really fun, but exhausting trying to communicate. Yesterday I napped and was still tired by 7:30! Everyone has funny little stories of missed communication. Cameron (another American) has his host father and mother try to bathe him. Cassandra tried to tell her family that in the states she drives a toyota just like thiers and they thought she wanted to take the car somewhere, which is not allowed. I can't believe I have homework again! I miss you all so much, but I am doing really well here. I miss pizza and vegetables. Dad! make a comment so I know you figured out how! I love you! Mom, watch craigslist and free cycle for a dryer and drink as much good coffee for me as you can. Madeline, help Claire post a comment and you two watch a little Buffy for me. Gabb, I just told my host mom about you being engaged. I might be able to explain how by the end of the summer. Be good everyone and don't forget to miss me! love, C


Deirdre said...

I wonder if you could go to work with one of the Dr.'s and tell me all about the hospital and such like that. Healthy Sun is a great name for a little boy.

I am glad you have a bathroom. I know you will have to get used to different bathroom habits and such, but to start with, a flush toilet seems like a nice transition.

Yay for the windbreaker. I love mine a bunch. And they fold up!! Which, or course you know. So never mind.

Speaking of Viggo's tea, do your Mongolians drink coffee? What kind of tea do they like? I was just thinking that tea is light and something I could mail. Unless the mail people would think it was contraband.

What do you need?

What is your address?

We miss you. We have not forgotten you yet. Nor have we forgotten to miss you yet.

One week done. Only 117 to go.

love, mom

kate said...

Oh, boy, I wrote a whole long text, and then had to sign in, and my comments were lost. Ah well. No such thing as good writing, only good Re-writing!! Plus, I've had another cup of coffee by now!
I missed you at my party, glad you got to come see the house with your cousins. The party was a fun mixer, with a small rock combo at the end. Claire got on the microphone and sang with them, and all the girls were fighting over the various high heels. It rained and rained, so the floor was unbelievably muddy! Hurray for hardwood!
I'm so psyched that you are writing about your experience, your posts are really fun to read. I sent your blog to a bunch of people, including Jessica and Courtney and far-flung family. I'm glad that you have a flush toilet and are living with doctors. Happy. What is Ulaanbaatar like as a city? Do alot of people drive? Are they on scooters, or bicycles? How is the air? Any nightlife? Will you have an opportunity to go to the country, and ride one of those short horses?
Miss you like butter! auntie kate

Boomer said...

Caitlin, I'm so glad your mom sent your blog link. I love to read about other people's exciting lives. Vicarious travel is great. Looking forward to more messages from Mongolia.

Dad said...

Caitlin, this is Dad. Sounds like you have a great host family!! I am glad everything is going okay so far and remember that every problem is an opportunity! You are on a great adventure! We love you and will miss you, but more with envy than sadness! Dianna and I will always think of you. I can't wait to read your next blog entry. Love, Dad.

MurphandPatti said...

We hope we finally got our comment on your blog.
It's just great to hear from you! This way you don't seem so far away. The food situation doesn't sound like you're used to. Anyway, keep those blogs coming; we'll certainly follow them closely. Grandma and I love you mightily!

Dave said...

Hey Caitlin,
I'm just typing a quick message for not to if I can get it to work. We'll send you a care package soon! Looking forward to following your advantures.
Lotta love,

Camber Carpenter said...


And hey, Maitlin, I'm catching up. You write more often than I do :)
Good on ya! (Australian)

Manny said...

dear cakey,
this is claire btw. i miss u a whole bunch of lotz. u r very cool. guess what is cooleo. i can post at school if my teacher lets me. he probably will cause he is the coolest teacher ever. at school i wrote a whole page about u. we r and still r writing about one person we love and know a lot about. i picked u because u have so much in your life and i want some kids in my class to know how adventrous u r and how brave u r. u r a great person. how is fb potato doing. thats her name right. so is she actually a he? hey how is going for u? well have a great day or night. tell fb i said hi. miss u and luv u lots.