Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have arrived! We are staying in some dorms for a couple of days and then on to our host families. Apparently my host family will be in this same town as my group is staying here, so I am trying to get to know the town so I can find my way around. I love you all and am so far having a fab time, although jet legged! Love to Mom and Dad and Madeline and Claire and everybody else! love, C


Camber Carpenter said...


Mom said...

I think the musk deer might be like a Jacklope, no?

Gosh and golly I miss you.

I am still struggling with laundry as the dryer did not fix itself while we were gone, and it still rains everyday.

The Black Hills playhouse opens tonight.

It is sunny now, So I am going to try to get some clothes clean and dry. The car is a complete disaster.
Randy Travis is in Spearfish Friday. If I were rich I would go, because he is cool.

Not as cool as you. And I have had enough coffee for now.

So you know what it is time for now? Do ya?

love, d

Whitney said...

Yeah!! Glad to hear you made it there safe and sound besides the nose picking person on the plane that could have been dangerous! ha
(like bacon)

Gabb said...

I most certainly hope you are taking an obsessive amount of pictures. I really want to go to Hu Hot in your honor...but I don't think it's really that authentic :)
Perhaps you can teach me how to make your favorite meals (and desserts) once you get acclimated. Then he lashed a couple of sea turtles. With human hair. From my back.
I love you!

Dianna said...

I think your mom is right about the musk deer! Hope all is going well, sounds like an adventure already. I am impressed you tolerated the flight so well, sounds like you were surrounded by a little bit of ick! but what are you going to do right? Your dad misses you lots! He is very quite. I am trying to attach a picture of Alex but can't seem to figure out how. I hope you never see a tarantula up close while you are in Mongolia!

Manny said...

Hey it's manny. I'm at home and it's pretty quiet aroudn here without you bossing me around. :) lol I miss you already and am very bored. maggie is in Texas for a week and a day. On the bright side im getting a new phone. Dad's paying for it too! I hopw you're enjoying yourself and hope you post again soon.
i love you,
Manny <3

Manny said...

Hey, how's Mongolia working out for you? Everything is so so here. It seems like every thing is falling apart without you. lol There is not a day that goes by that i dont miss you a lot. <3 I hope you're having fun there. I get to go with Breanna Hanks to Pactola on their big boat and sit in a special seat to watch Fireworks at the Heritage Fesival. It makes me feel special and olso knd of like a charity case. Doug's really sick. Mom probably told you about it. I miss you.
i love you

Manny said...

I'm in Montana right this very second.
It's pretty fun i guess.
the dog hates me but I'll get over it
I have a camper all to myself and it has a TV
i miss u a whole lot!
manny <3