Thursday, June 25, 2009

bath in tumpen

success! ...mostly


kate said...

I feel this could really inspire a folk song. The Pink Tumpen. Something with a harmonica...

Deirdre said...

Soaking yer head in a pink Tumpen
now ain't that sumptun?

Wasing yer parts with just a splash,
now ain't that a kick in the...

Askin'why I can't get wet?
Isn't this darn thing fixed yet?

It's full of dirty ditties
What a pity.
'Cause alls I want to wash my parts that are...

Pretty soon I'll do better,
and get ever-thing wetter
than I can get

Soaking my head in the pink tumpen.
Ain't that sumptin?

(I am picturing the Right Reverend Payton singing, Breezy on the rub board and the Cousin on drums. Maybe?)

Camber Carpenter said...

Oh, Caitlin's Mom. Mrs. Caitlin? Deirdre? whatever you like to be rock.
And now I can see where Caitlin's awesomeness was originated and nurtured.

Deirdre said...

Excuse us. Everyone carry on while Camber and I visit a minute. How are you love? I am always so glad to see your name here. Thanks so much for writing my girl. I loved getting updates from Caitlin as to what you up to and how it is for you in Hong Kong. So now I will follow your blog, too, if that is ok, since I miss my source for news.

Take care and I will post over on your blog from now on, now that I know you have one.

love, d (aka Mrs. Caitlin?)

Gabb said...

That was inspired. Time for you to make a music video.

Deirdre said...

Dylan is having a short film contest. Maybe I could make a video and enter it into the contest and win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!

Or not....

love, d