Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am vacinated against everything except yellow fever and stupidity. I had my first real low point yesterday, but it ended up being good. I was remiinded important facts about myself. One: food and sleep make Caitlin happy. No food and interupted sleep make Caitlin want to cry. Two: I am an adult and can take care of myself. Three: I can stand up for myself and make changes when needed. So, I went to the market and bought a little of my own food, ate over at another PCT's host house for dinner, and changed language classes. Today is much better, and things will probably get even better tomorrow.
I may wash my hair tonight in my tumpen. First time for that. Sunday I went to the public "hot showers which was expensive and falsely advertised. ie them being hot. Probably wont do that again. I want to bust out the solar shower, but am not sure how to do that. I live in a town.
I have not reallly been to UB yet, not for another 6 weeks. We flew in there, but it was night and them immediately off to Zuum Mod.
Not much else to report. I dont spend much time with my host family as they are both docotrs and hardly ever home. I study alot, listen to Harry Potter on my computor and even busted out my LOTR DVDs for awhile.
Here is who I miss: YOU!
Great to here from the various Monahans and Redmonds. I love you guys. Glad you made it on Dad! I miss you sosososososo much!
Love, C


Deirdre said...
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Deirdre said...

hi Cakey I really miss you a lot. I hope your having fun! is it hot or cold in Mongolia. It has been really warm in Rapid.You are a great sister!:) I love you!

Lynn H. said...

Hi Caitlin!
I have no idea what I'm doing with this, so I hope you end up reading my post and it doesn't get lost in cyberspace due to my ineptness or ineptitude or whatever the word is! I've never done this before! However, I wanted you to know I got your voice mail last week, and I couldn't respond right away...I was in Daytona Beach as an AP Reader, and the rules were kind of tight (we weren't allowed to use our phones during the day when we were doing the reading). But I have been thinking about you SO much and hoping all is well. I checked into your blog today and I'm loving it. It's great to learn about all your adventures. Maybe the dairy thing will work out eventually...the smell might just sort of go away for you and you'll find dairy products palatable once again. :) I love you so much, and you're never far from my thoughts.
Love, Lynn

Mark said...

Hey, Caitlin,
I'm going to try this again - messed something up the last time. It's so good to read your blog, and I'm sorry you had a rough time recently. The whole food/sleep thing - yes, very important. I'm going to try to get a care package off to you this week - maybe some special Michigan stuff. Oh, and I'm drinking coffee as I write this, in your honor. I hope you get some decent food/drink soon - that's a challenge, I'm sure.
The kids are all fine - rambunctious and ungrateful, but fine. Sophia is driving me crazy with her complete lack of common sense and her inability to set a halfway decent example for Maurie and Zora, but whatever. She's working for her grandma at the gift shop this summer, so that helps. Oh, and Maurie wants to buy a battery-operated dirt bike. And, Zora is going to get "I love Mom" tattooed on her arm. They're hilarious, these kids.
Okay, I'd better work. Know that we all love you a ton, and miss you. Hang in there-
Aunt Sue

kate said...

Hey sweet cheeks! The dairy probably isn't pasteurized, which is why it smells and tastes different. Summer has arrived here, it has been in the 90's. I'm getting new windows put in this week, exciting. We have 70 high school students here for a summer camp, so I have to be to work early every day. Now I know what town yr in, I wonder if I can google-earth it. I'm having fun assembling items for an eventual care package hahaha.

MurphandPatti said...

Hi, sweet granddaughter. We're getting a nice rain here as I write, after a hot and humid day yesterday.
About that washing your hair in your tumpen -- what on earth is a tumpen? Anyway, you're hanging in there just great; you're adaptable with a capital A and always have been. Keep remembering that there i a legion of people here who love you tons.
Gramma and Grampa M