Wednesday, September 9, 2009

yes, everything's fine!

10 points for anyone who knows where the titles of this post and the last one come from. I got two packages yesterday! Two! My heart just leapt and everything seemed so much brighter! Seriously, it was the best I have felt since I got to Arvaikheer. Not that I have been feeling bad, just normal, but yesterday I was ecstatic! I am going to update the wish list two the right based on the things I know have thanks to two wonderful aunts I have! Thank you so much Casey and Kate, the packages were wonderful. I feasted last night on fruit rollups and beef jerkey and hot chocolate and had oatmeal for breakfast and look forward to goldfish for lunch. I had actually just over lunch gone to the post office and given the woman there my number and tried to communicate that I would like it if she called or texted if a package came for me. A mere 3 hours later I got a call that had a lot of mongolian words in it, but one I recognized. Shoodan means post office so I repeated it and she said yes! Then when I got there and there was two I just about vomited happiness! The magazines and the movie and the school supplies and the nicest pencil sharpener I have ever seen and the list goes on and on!
I have been steadily trying to figure out more of what I will be doing here. Yesterday I taught to english lessons, one to my schools director and managers and one to some non-english teachers. (Like math, I think) That was exciting and kind of nerve racking. At one point that wanted me to give examples of questions using the verb "to be". One of my questions was "Why is the sky blue?" After I had explained all the questions they then wanted me to answer the questions. Needless to say that one gave me pause, until I remember it is answered in one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing, so I attempted to give the scientific answer, got a lot of confused faces and ended up going with "Because it is not raining." Hahahaha
This is the first time I have managed to get my own computer on the internet and I am very happy. Last night, I also found on my computer the first 2 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer that Madeline and I had put on my computer one day at the library. I was able to get a program from one of my site mates to play it on and watched them last night and now I am sad I do not have more. I have been spending some time organizing the books at the new English library here and some time trying to cook. Mostly, I am just so happy to go home to my little ger in the evening that I don't want to stop at the internet, so that is the reason for the lack of internet communication. Now that I am able to get on the internet at school, hopefully I will better! I miss you, keep the packages and comments coming! I miss you all! love, C


Dad said...

Great to hear from and about you! What is wrong with your finger? Dianna and I got a large box off to you last Friday. Fragile things inside the rolled up micro-fleece blankets so do not shake from great heights!!

Manny said...

so glad to hear that everything is ok. i miss u! also really glad that you have buffy. i was worried about that. do u have the first episode. cause if u do theb good. Mostly because my boyfriend is in there! YaY!! lol
Love you,

Gabb said...

Ahhhh! Did you breathe when you wrote that? I think your excitement forced me to read faster and perhaps forget to take a breath. I'm so glad you have food and such!
So, besides english lessons, what is it that you do do? I hope that with your library duties and increased communication skills you will be able to answer that soon enough :)
School is back in session so I've been attempting to balance classes, meetings, work, and the homework I'm currently avoiding. Oops. Aaron is still job hunting. Susi is back at SDSU and I have adopted her frog as she is lazy and tried dumping her frog duties on Emily.
I met my thesis advisor and now I am only more convinced that it may actually take a full year away from classes working full time to get the thesis over with. Ew.
Your improved internet situation makes me happy. Perhaps you can find a copy of Half Blood Prince online. I have no clue where people find them so, alas, I am of no use.
Yay for the West Wing (almost) helping! The very fact that you are in a country where the language doesn't even resemble your own, but you still make victories (even the small ones!) communicating is awe inspiring. I know it has to be frustrating not to be able to easily pick up the language when you're expected to be integrated so quickly. My mind does a mini-celebration when I hear about your successes. Holy cow,that's hard work! You so totally rock, Squirt!
Basically, I think that what you're doing, even if you don't always know :), is amazing. I miss you tons. *HUG* via air-mail...I hope it's faster than the post!

Deirdre said...

The West Wing? Josh says it? Maybe?

If I am right, I think I should have more than 10 points as I am the only one who guessed.

I know that fruit roll ups and beef jerky were yummy, but a feast? You poor pitiful thing.

Why is the sky blue? I have forgotten. I think because it is not raining is as good an answer as anyone can want. If they want something more, well that is why we have Wikipedia, no?

I talked to a guy in Alaska yesterday. He said winter is coming. Do you feel it there? I so wish the temperature comparison was fixed on the your blog because I am naturally a very curious person and the color of the sky and the temperature are two things I a very curious about.

Madeline is learning ja ma pell Madeline. This is, as you know, one of the french phrases I know and use quite a bit, only I say Deirdre, not Madeline, of course.

Ok. Coffee is nearing done. Time for lunches, laundry, breakfast, and chores. It's Friday and I am glad as a bug.

love, ma

Camber Carpenter said...

Oh, Caitlin,
is it from LOST?
Still have never watched an episode, but I would imagine one might say something like this if one were on an unknown island in the Pacific with 40 strangers.
I know I would.

I've seen Mongolia on the news quite a lot lately. The races where they do acrobatics on horses--looks amazing. I looked for you, but the crowd was blurry.

Take care, miss you, and when's a good time of your years to visit?
How's late summer/early fall 2010?