Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jesus Christ

Superstar. "everything's alright, yes, everything's fine"
Camber, come visit me! My mom is coming next summer, not sure when and I amy have to go home for Jennie's wedding unless I can convince her to wait for me, but I would love to have you visit anuother time. Actually come to think of it, you could come at the same time as my mom if that is is the time that it workss best, it just might be more fun to have two different times to entertain my favorite people. Woot!
Dad, woohoo for the package, I am psyched to get it. Also, I cut the top of my knuckle off, blood was everywhere, you would have passed out. It seems to be healing ok, so hopefully no lasting damage. I will probably have a dent though and an awesome scar. cool beans
Gabb, you are my favorite and I am glad you adopted a frog. See, you too are making a difference in the world. Hurry up and learn how to write a thesis so if I go to grad school you can teach me. Hahahaha.
Aaron-did you check with Respec? Did you name drop? Did you mention you bowl? hahahaha!
Mom- I can't remember exaclt why the sky is blue, something about the color scheme being displaced by sunlight and blue has the lowest frequency so that is the color we see. So in a sence it is not actually blue, that is just the way we percieve it.

I am sick. Sore throat and achy and tired and gerouchy. (I liked that spelling mistake, so I left it in grandpa) Brandon, who is an M19 (i.e. has been here a here)and lives in a soum (tiny town) nearby stay at my ger for the weekend. It was great fun, people came over and watched Lord of the Rings. Polly, my cat, likes company. More hands and feet to attack! Poor guy had to sleep on the floor though...not a lot of room. I am glad I usually live by myself, but it was great to have an actual person to talk to. Well, apparently skyoe is going to work on this computer, so I am going to go find another. Then go home and make some soup and eat some goldfish. (The crackers, danny!) love, C


Caitlin Rose said...

And also, the Young Dubliners posted my email on thier website! Check it out!

Camber Carpenter said...

Awesome. So, fly into UB, then walk to you, right? :)

I can't believe I didn't get JCS!
where was I on that?

miss you, Maitlin. Now add some pictures.

Deirdre said...

Do you have any more fizzy lifting drink? Do you need vitamins? I didn't even think of vitamins.
Are you running a temperature? A smidge of temperature or bunch of temperature?

Madeline stayed home from school. As if she could not get more owly, add a smidge of temperature, you will see some owls, baby.

It it turning to fall. I love that it is getting cool at night. I am sorry if you are not as excited.

Last night soccer and peace and justice, (two separate events-there is no peace nor is there justice in soccer.) Today PTA. Wednesday, I think nothing. Unless you count a certain TV show that must be attended to.

Miss you. Like bacon.

love, your mother.

Deirdre said...

I forgot to mention the crackers, Danny. Have I told you lately that you are brilliant and delightful. Because you are.

Tonight PTA.

love, mommy

Deirdre said...

Plus also, regarding the sky and the blue and life, the universe and everything: Isn't everything not really what it is only the way we perceive it?(did you see what I did just then with I before E except after C and in Deirdre's name.)Unlike others.

Dad said...

It was great to talk to you yesterda, you sounded good!! Concerning the knuckle, move your hand before you swing the ax!! Stay warm! Keep positive thoughts! KNow that you are loved and missed!!

Aaron said...

So the Young Dubliners pretty much announced your awesomeness to the world by posting your email, right? That's pretty awesome btdubs. Gabb got some free Young Dubliners and Flogging Molly songs and we were really excited about it. I made her get the Rocky Road to Dublin and I told her how your ger is Dublin, and you walk the Rocky Road every day, often more than once!

So, I looked up Respec, and they have zero open positions posted online, and that's for everywhere, not just Rapid City. I think I'd have to be a pretty convincing bowler to get Mr. Callahan to open up an engineering spot for me, especially since he'd probably have to fire someone else. Hm, that brings an interesting thought. If someone had to get fired in order for me to get a job, would I still do it? Oh heck yes. Anyway I hope you are feeling much better and I hope your cat is giving you all the love you deserve!

Manny said...

Hey i miss u so very much. im over the whole sick thing but i kinda got claire sick! oops. she has to stay home alone.

Gabb said...

I hope your sickness is ebbing. Ironically, I have vitamin drops that you gave me when you moved. I wonder if they're still good?
Not sure about getting the thesis down before you get back. I seem to be having a lot of meetings about it where no one is quite sure what I'm supposed to do. Win!
I'm halfway debating if I want Aaron to get a full time job yet. I must admit, it's nice having a stay-at-home man to cook and clean so I don't have to :)
Also, if you come back for Jennie's wedding...I'm crashing it. Hi Jennie!