Tuesday, September 8, 2009

everything's ok

No worries people, I am well. I am very very busy and so tired when I am not busy, but I will make a big post soon. My finger is ok, i think mom! I love you guys! I hope I get a package soon! love, C


Deirdre said...

Shew. I am happy to hear you are alright.
Tell me how your finger looks.
I can hardly wait to hear what is making you so busy.
How is your library?

It is fall here, for sure. So nice and cool at night.

Casey says the Rockies are doing GREAT! I know you must be relieved.

Soccer, PTA, piano lessons, drama club, band, an occasional dog chase, you know what we are up to...

And missing you...

love, ma

kate said...

Hi, great to hear you again. And how nice to get your call, even though I went to bed at 8:30 last night(!) Climbing the Divide plum tuckered me out. I am so glad you go my package! And how funny that you got Casey's as well. We should have coordinated them, so as to space them out in time. But christmas feelings are great too. I'm already getting ideas for the next one. And now I know so many things, about the customs forms, and the box, and all that. So it took about a month. Now we know that too.
Your voice was so close last night, it really was remarkable.
I'm head-first into fall quarter, with no work study crew yet, and no assistant yet, so am right away overwhelmed. This too shall pass.
Take good care, and enjoy yourself!