Friday, September 25, 2009


Spiders and
Brandon and people from Poland. Polly loves having the guests, including the spiders. I only like the Polish and
American varieties. My new polish friends have been staying with Peace Corps Volunteers all across Mongolia and are super nice.
Brandon is up from his soum (village) as are all the other nearby soum PCVs. I really like having guests and having my routine disrupted and I really like having my routine back when they leave. It makes me realize how much I like my life when it changes. Brandon sprung for the wireless internet, so I am using internet in my ger for the first time. This is so something I could do, but I feel like it is a giant world that is too big for my little ger, and I can always go to someone elses house or a internet cafe. I got a package today! It is from you Dad. I was super excited, especially since now I can copy all of
Brandon's tv shows. Seriously my life just became really full of entertainment opportunities. I like thinking of how I can use every part of the package. It makes me feel like the sioux with the buffalo. I will use the straps holding the blankets in a role to hang things from my rafters. I will use the carboard as kindling to start rockin' fires.
Beef Jerky bags for trash after I eat all the jerky. This week I started my clubs at school. Some were really successful, others, we will try again next week. I have English, Life Skills,
Book, and Theatre Clubs. I also tutor the English Competition level students for the upcoming English Olympics. I just found out it is almost October! Holy Cow! Thnaks for all the stateside support! love, C


Dianna said...

Hey Caitlin, so glad you got the package. It was quite the wrestling match to get everything in, it was a 2 man/woman project. It is good to hear you get company and aren't uber lonely. Everything is great here. Alex is talking some, more and more everyday. Joy and Ben are attempting potty training....I will not comment on how that is going, everyone knows how difficult that can be. We got him a "Cars" seat that sits on the toilet, he thinks it is a steering wheel..... Weather has been good and everything is still basicly green. We went to Gillette last weekend to celebrate Ayvree's 7th birthday. It was a bowling party and no surprise but I scored lower than a 6 yr old. It was the 250th anniversay of Guinness beer yesterday (9/24 in case you want to put it on your calendar) so your dad felt we were obligated to go to Flannigans to celebrate. I had my 1st Irish car bomb ever it was delish, but dangerous. We miss you but are so happy you get to have this experience.

Manny said...

hey Cakey. im so glad to hear that oyu are doing well. i miss you a very lot! the 6th season of CSI NY has started and they but my love Danny in a wheelchair. oh well it is just pretend. i had a dream that you and i had to take Maggie to the denver airport. but we forgot maggie. she had to walk from ft collins. i cant remember any more but i enjoyed it beacause i got to see you and i enjoyed the time we spent together. lol :) miss you muchly!

Gabb said...

Today I am sitting in the French Literature section of the library, so that must mean I should write to Caitlin. There are a lot of books titled "Balzac" who must be a famous French author but mainly just made me miss Zach.
Yay for the Polish visiters and their warming of deliciousness! I'm glad I got to talk to you. I was having a lot of trouble keeping my mouth shut about things I wanted to put in your letter. Nothing urgent, of course. I just want there to be something original in there :)
Aaron is taking a personality test for a potential interview. I peeked at one of the questions...
Choose the correct answer: Sun=basketball
c)ping-pong ball

I don't get it. If you get it are you a good engineer? Aaron thought it was a ping-pong ball because the moon is so much smaller than the sun. Weird.

Love you much!

Deirdre said...

So, believe it or not we are going to keep this little kitty. She is cute as a but. Tremble is up on his basket on the dryer watching her shenanigans through the slats of the basket. Not a fan. Tasha went out and came back in while she was drinking and Tasha was afraid to sneak by her.
Tasha has to be NPO for her procedure today. She is not loving that.
Madeline and Claire cleaned the whole house yesterday. I made a terrific soup. I called it harvest vegetable #2 as I made a similar one last week. Don and Kim brought me tons of sweet corn and peppers and beans. Yummy. I was a windy picnic in the park. Can you imagine?
So Claire has to be at orchestra at 0745. Madeline has to be at school at 0745 and Tasha has to be at the Dr. at 0745. Watch what I can I do?
Ouch. Kitty is attacking me. Her name is Ellis Island New York Kurtz Redmond. Elli for short. The other one, if he comes, is going to be Staten Island New York Kurtz Redmond. Stat for short. We love us some NYC. Ask Manny what Staten Island instead of say Bronx or Brooklyn or Tribeca or Manhattan? She will tell you.

I will try to remember to call the phone company to figure out how much to call you. Maybe they would take a cutie kitty in trade?
Or a dog with a tumor?
Ouch. There she goes again. Sharp little things.

Here is what I love. You. and Coffee. And Madeline and Claire, of course, goes without saying, fall, clothes hung outside, stupid dogs, grumpy old orange kitties, and sharp little funny face kitties and coffee.

Much love to you at all times,
love, d

Deirdre said...

Um. Remind to preview next time. That would be cute as a BUG, not cute as a but. What is that?

Plus also, I was not a windy picnic in the park, IT was a windy picnic in the park. Bowls blowing every where, lids blowing of soup.

And further you should ask Manny WHY her kitty will be named Staten Island not WHAT Staten Island.


love, ma

p.s. Gabby- I would say Sun=BB and Moon = baseball. Basketball is so messy and sweaty and relies on brute strength and power, baseball OTOH is romantic and the uniforms are so dignified and handsome. It relies on precision, elegance and team work. There are so many more things the baseball player has to do, Run, Catch, hit, slide throw, field. Like the moon is more varied. It waxes and wanes. It delights lovers and calls the were wolf. That's all I got.

Camber Carpenter said...

Deirdre, at first I thought you meant to type "cute as a butt". I wasn't going to question it, as I've heard Caitlin talk about butts in the past. Not past butts...present butts, mostly...which she talked about in the past. Am I digressing?
Maybe I should say something to Caitlin, too, since this is her blog.

Hey fellow spinster! Question: Does "ger" stand for something? Or is it a word?
Follow-up question(s): If it's an acronym, what is it? If it's a word, is it a hard or soft 'g'?

Thank you.

Deirdre said...

Well, I have heard Caitlin sing a merry tune about Bigg Butts, I cannot lie.

Tasha is in surgery. I am worried. Who knew? Her liver enzymes are elevated but her kidney function looks normal and her blood sugar was good.

worry worry worry,

love, d

Deirdre said...

88 CENTS a minute. We could talk for a minute or two?

love, ma

kate said...

Ah, half the fun of your blog is catching up with your family. haha. I'm happy about the cold weather. I'm ready to plow up the garden and put it to bed. It will probably freeze tonight, so I'll bring in more green tomatoes, and sort-of peppers. Red on one side, green on the other. And jalapenos, which I'm not sure why I plant. I rarely use them. It's remarkable how different the sun's path is, seemingly suddenly. Charlie is coming over with his chain saw next week to help me cut down trees on the north side, that are impinging on the roof. I'm thinking, while he is over here, to go ahead and take out that little evergreen that gives too much shade to the garden. Then I must give the wood away.
HOW nice to be interrupted, in writing on your blog, by a phone call from you!! Great to talk with you!I just can't get over how close you sound.
I love you so,