Monday, September 21, 2009

I feel all floopy

I am not sure why. But not in a bad way. Plus I have FRIENDS to watch. So that is good. Short post due to the floopiness. I love you guys


kate said...

Loopy and floppy mixed together? It doesn't sound "good", at any rate. It rained all day yesterday, and I could smell snow, wafting off the range. Indeed, it snowed not far away. So exciting. My furnace works good, remembered how, since April. That is very great. I was up at the 'rents last week-end, and we painted their fence this garish baby blue that makes them tickled. Whatever.
Still waiting on hr to get our person hired which has me chewing glass. Frustrating to know my anguish is not a priority. In the meanwhile, I am having work study students come in the morning and open the building. There ya go.
I am having visitors this week-end! Yippie! Don & Kim come Thursday-Saturday, then Belinda Rossi is coming from Yampa Sunday for the organ concert. That will all be fun. I may still be getting an English roommate, or it is an internet scam. Time will soon tell.
I'm catching up on your posts, as for some reason my new computer bookmarks don't show me the most recent page automatically. So I thought you hadn't posted for two weeks. Then I scrolled down to "newer posts" aha. We'll be learning.
I'm a little overwhelmed, but this too shall pass. I'm just so glad you loved the box. How do you make ice? haha that is not a philosophical question, but a very practical one. Do you have a fridge & freezer in the ger with the cat named Polly?
I share your stories with people who don't know you, and they are amused.
I love you so much!

Aaron said...

I just want you to know I have fallen for the Rocky Road to Dublin 1 2 3 4 5. And I got rained on today after I dropped my car off at the car shop. I thought to myself "you know, I can just drop it off and then walk back, it's nice out today and it's good exercise." Then it rained on me. Also, next week I am going to have an EPIC interview! Epic Systems in Madison Wisconsin, that is. Not quite as epic as Epic could be, but maybe the company will live up to its name. Otherwise they are just liers! Miss you tons Caitlin Rose!