Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feedback on Packages

So the packages have been amazing, I don't know if I have said that enough. Seriously, my sitemates have heard me say it so many times, I think they would hate me if I didn't keep giving them fruit rollups and things when they come over. I thought I could offer some feedback, so people who are the greatest and wish to send things will have more of an idea of what works and what doesn't. For examples, Gushers tend to pre-gush before reaching destination. I told them not to feel bad, it happens more that people think. I honestly could never have enough Beef Jerky and Peanut Butter. Lemon Bread sent by the g'rents was amazing. I was a fraid it would go bad so I kept inviting people over to have some, but everyone is really busy, so I have eaten most of it by myself. I am full and happy. Also, those fiber one PB and Oats bars are so so so good. They taste almost like some PB and Oat bar you used to make grandma, I seriously almost cried. They made the list, they were so good. (PLease see updated list to the right) The CDs you sent Kate are great,if not a little strange. The movie (Rear Window) is too scary to watch in my ger alone. I loved it, but had trouble sleeping. I live in a tent in the middle of nowhere people! Only movies about frolicking unicorns please! (hahaha Just Kidding!)
The packages really make my whole week whern they come! The lady who works at the post office calls my phone and I just start skipping for joy!

Things here are good. Still trying to find a routine, which may actually continue for the next two years. I have been sick this week, but saeem to be in the upswing. Fluids, rest, and Jimmy Stuart inmortal danger are the key. One of my sitemates just gave me Twilight, so I will have entertainement for a while. There is something about that movie, I could watch it over and over again. I miss you all!
ps Camber there are vehicals from UB to me i assure you!


Dave said...

Hi Caitlin!

I'm so sorry about this morning. When you called I was running frantically around in my underwear with a bad case of bed-head trying to get Elsa dressed and fed and convince Iris to stop reading and put on her shoes. A typical 7:30 am at the NC Monahan's house. Elsa insists on dressing like she's going to a coronation every single day, and Iris can space out on a book with an intensity that reminds me of your Dad watching a Tarzan movie when we were kids. You could shave her head and she wouldn’t notice. Anyway, I’m sorry I was so frazzled when you called -- you reach around the world to say hello, and I treat you like a Republican robocall. Some Uncle. Then, after your first few words, your voice garbled, faded, and then disappeared, so I didn’t even have time to recover and apologize.

I love reading your blog posts. Thanks for the vicarious Mongolian experience. The girls and I are devoting our Saturday to prepping a package for you. I’ll send some movies and books. We’re all doing well here, at least after 8 am or so. Elsa loves kindergarten -- all reports indicate that she rules her school, which makes sense since she dresses like the queen. Iris has gotten into making jewelry from shells and rocks and wire and stuff. We’ll put one of her creations in the package, along with a copy of the movie she made at Gramma Ivers house. She’s now playing King Oberon in a middle school production of Midsummer Night’s Dream, so I guess both our kids are royalty at the moment. I’m swamped with school, committee work, and my documentary project about Hubert and Betty, who are trying to build their own homemade amusement park along a rural highway about twenty miles south of Wilmington.

Did you ever get your internet going on your laptop?

Lotta love,
Uncle Dave

Deirdre said...

Glad to hear you are healing up and feeling better. I am glad you have a little love kitten at your house. It does my heart good to know she sleeps on your heart.
Claire went to school yesterday, and played excellent soccer last night, then was exhausted. Madeline got on the right bus and made it home without lapping Rapid City. So all is well. Kate, Casey and I are meeting at the Ft. over the Native American Holiday. So, I guess all is well. I am so glad you are getting mail. Yippee..
love, d

Andy said...

We're not going to be volunteering worlds apart buddies much longer! Enjoy the heck out of it, and perhaps when i get home i'll even send you a package (though you never sent me one...)

Gabb said...

Hello love!
Aaron and I are putting the finishing touches on our package. I had to get creative to fit everything in. Only slightly, but I was proud of myself regardless :)
Good call on flat rate international boxes! That'll save about $30. Yeesh, you'd think it was hard to ship packages from SD to the middle of Mongolia.
Yay for getting better! So happy to hear it.
Getting really curious about what they are having you do at the school now. The internet is not so good at the apt...I've been going to the library where they demand silence. Weird.
I hope to hear your beautiful voice again soon! (darn you internet!)