Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick and dirty

Quick update: I came to UB to see the medical staff and learn more about my cough and breaathing. Several tests later, everything seems ok, if not great, but I burn coal so what are you going to to. I am heading back to Arvaikheer tomorrow. I am very happy to go "home."

Ok there was the "quick" with more on this latest adventure to come later. Now I have to go to bed. But first, I found a book of jokes in the PC office so here is the "dirty."

Bob : "I know my wife is lying to me"
Tom: "How do you know that"
Bob: "She said she spent last night with her friend Sarah."
Tom: "So?"
Bob: "Last night, I was with Sarah!"

ok, that was terrible. sorry, love, C

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Deirdre said...

Yeah. Terrible. But I got nothing.

We went and had birthday dinner at Fairmont last night with Mom. We brought cupcakes for everyone. That was fun. Then Madeline went to the French Club Skating party, then to the winter dance at school, then to spend the night at Mags. Busy girl.
We had a such a busy week and everyone did such a good job.

I am glad you are on your way home.

Claire is having her tonsils out over spring break. Good times.

I am glad you safe and warm. Love muchly much much. You are a jewel.

love, d