Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabb!

For those of you who do not know Miss Gabrielle Baldwin, she is amazing and your lives are sad without her! Her friendship is the best thing to come out of college. (yeah, knowledge is great and all, but this girl is fab!) I love Gabb to much and am so pleased we are once again the same age. Now Jennie and I and Gabb are all 24 and all is right with the world again!

Internet in my ger is amazing! Although, I need to find a happy medium between using it an doing other things, like dishes and feeding my cat. This was the first weekend with it and I am hoping I can utilize more self control during the coming week. I got to speak to my dad and see him through his webcam briefly, which was great. I am looking forward to when my mom can get hers set up. Amazing friend Dylan has agreed to help her! What a nice guy. I am also uploading pictures to facebook and will put the link to them here, so even if aren't a facebook junkie you can see my goi (beautiful) pictures!

Thursday and Friday, sitemate Esayes, together with WorldVision, put on a great seminar for school social workers. My counterpart Tungaa and I attended and I think everyone got some good ideas and pointers on how to improve their work. Props to Esayes for organizing, Amber and Molly PCVs from UB for presenting, and another sitemate of mine who presented and I know did a good job, even though I missed that presentation. I missed it to accompany Molly and Amber to a few of Arvaikheers prime attractions. We visited BookBridge Library and ran into PCV Terrence who was stopping in Arv on his way to Hojirt to visit PCV Brandon. Brandon and Terrence are our "soumers." The live in soums, or small towns, ouside of Arv and come in for supplies and socializing periodically. We also have 3 girls in our Aimag that live in Khorhorin, but it is just a easy for them to go to UB, so we see them less. Soumers have been described as the red-headed step children of those of us who live in Aimag centers. Hahaha Anyway, so then the four of us headed to the museum. I hadn't been there yet, so I was just as excited as our visiters. Once we got them to come and open the door for us, it was even more awesome than I imagined.

Saturday we visited the Horse Monument and the Russian Friendship Monument. It was my first visit to the horse monument, which has a huge statue of the horse Arvaikheer is named after. What a famous horse. The Russian Friendship Monument was great. Really windy and cold, but it so beautiful up there. I also felt really friendly towards the Russians as usual.

Sunday, today, I am just hanging at home soaking up my new technology. I got to talk to my dad briefly and to the birthday girl, so I am happy. I need to eat the chicken breasts I bought in UB before it gets much warmer, so I am feasting on blackened chicken tonight. Then a shower and some reading and I am ready for the week!

I love you all! love, C


Deirdre said...

I cannot wait to visit you and see these wonderful sites.

The Cannucks beat the USA in hockey, only barely, though. In sudden death overtime. They sort of invented hockey, I guess.

Today soccer practice. Tomorrow piano lessons and PTA. Wednesday, you know what Wednesday is. That's as far as I know.

I just got back from taking Tasha out. It is fogging and I could not find her dooty even though I felt around in the grass quite a bit. I just found it on the bottom of my shoe. PU.

love, ma

kate said...

I'm so glad you have so many friends over there, and you like their company. When I visited my friend Mike, PCV, in Lesotho, he was quite isolated.
I worked only half the week-end, Saturday was a famous day off.
I'm looking forward to seeing our family later this week in Ft. Collins! Every warm, sunny day brings more spring fever. I'll be happy, too, when the geese stay in the park, instead of heading down our street, with their slimy green poos. I think that is a winter thing.

Gabb said...

Aw, thanks Caitlin! I'm glad we are the same age again, and that we got to sing the best birthday songs ever!
Hooray for nerdniness! I love Harry Potter.
I see that the preceding comments both involve poo stories. I don't have any, so I'll just ask What is it that you do do?
I'm going to wrap this up because my internet is being spotty. Eventually I will need to access the internet on campus so I can do this all proper like.

I love you and miss you and I got attacked by a kitten who launched herself at me today,