Sunday, February 7, 2010

Everyday is like Sunday

when your sick and don't get out of bed and just sleep, read, and watch tv all day. Which is what I pretty much did last Tues -Fri. Gross. I am tired of being sick. Boo! complain. Boo.

I did feel well enough to climb the mountain (small hill) behind my ger yesterday. With some goats. I was tired afterward, but was it great.

Not much else going on here. I am trying to decide when to go visit Bayanhongor, which, like Rapid City, has a dinosaur park. It also has people I like and a vet. mmm, maybe March.

This a a dull blog. All sick and no play makes Caitlin's blog dull.

I love you all! You are the LIGHT of my LIFE! love, C


kate said...

I SO hope that you feel better soon! I'm thinking good thoughts of and for you.
We have snow. It is pretty.

Michele said...

Well, being sick totally sucks I agree. However your days sound exactly like mine! Sleeping as much as possible, watching endless TV, reading and computer gazing make up the majority of my days. Often while nursing a hangover. So, see?? You're just experiencing sympathetic grieving with me! :-) Good to know I can still poke fun at myself... Have you discovered the show 'Bones' yet?? It's our new favorite. LOVE it. Love you sugar. Keep your chin up. This too shall pass....

Deirdre said...

I am sure the air quality might have something to do with you malaise. That cough sounds rather frightful. I am so thankful for the Grand Supreme Master lady for building vege restaurants so you can have some good food if you can get out. Good food is the best medicine. That and making your mother laugh. Laugh Out Loud. Well, that's funny.

Madeline has been a dear heart and we seem to have turned a corner. I know we have a ways to go, but she is learning some new skills and practicing them and so am I. There is always something to be surprised about. Fiona is a mess, but I think she likes it like that.

I hope hope hope you are turning a corner yourself and went to school all day and feel productive and helpful again. You are doing something, do not doubt. Anyone who ever meets you will love all American's by default. They will think American's are way more funny and good natured than we really are. So you got that going for you.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with sleeping and watching TV and hanging out with your computer. One of my favorite persons in the world does just that. Sympathetic grieving from around the world is important work, too.

We love Bones too, course because of Angel being in it. He is a old fashioned Catholic East Coast Cop and Bones, (Zooey's big sis) is a socially retarded, super smart, completely and absolutely a scientist who thinks all things can be explained by science. But you probably know all this. Anyway we likes it, but not like we likes CSI:NY.

I got Rear Window on Netflix. Claire fell asleep, Madeline dug it. Her first Hitchcock film. She made fun of the effects, Jimmy falls out of the window, and it was a different age. There was no good way to effect that. And nobody wanted Jimmy Stewart to actually fall out of the window. But other than that she loved it. And who could not love anything with him and The Princess in it? And does she ever has some pretty pretty clothes, as she plays a richy socialite. Oh so pretty.

That's all I got. Did you get a box?

Aaron said...

When you say "light of my life" what kind of lights are we talking? I would prefer that I was natural lighting, cuz who doesn't like being out in the sun? Although this depends on the time of year. In winter, maybe that would make me too bright, whereas in summer, I might give you sunburn. I dare say I hope I am not incandescent or fluorescent lighting in your life (though compact fluorescent isn't so bad). In my mind, that leaves LED lights, halogen lights, fire light, laser light, moon light, glow-in-the-dark light, and black light. All of these are perfectly acceptable, and indeed, I even look forward to most of them, EXCEPT for halogen lights. I effing hate cars with halogen lights, they are so weird! So here's hoping I'm not a halogen light of your life! Miss you tons!

Gabb said...

Please tell me that now you will forever think of Aaron as the halogen light of your life.

I do hope you are feeling much better! And I've decided I like the phrase "magnificent pain in the ass" that I caught from a lame rom-com. Whatever made you sick is a magnificent pain in the ass.

Susi tried out for this years V-Day performance. It won't be The Vagina Monologues. I don't know what it is and I'm not looking it up just so I can be surprised.

The first wedding of the year is this weekend. Valentine's weekend wedding. Ugh. I wonder what the flowers cost her. She's a really sweet person, but this ooey-gooey crap is going to test my wedding and valentines hating patience :D

Your birthday is in just a few days and it is bringing back such wonderful memories. I kind of like the sound of being 24. I have decided to copy you about 10 days after you make the transition. I see Jennie is getting a head start. Overachiever.

I love you and miss you and will make good decisions in your honor...mixed in with those other ones,

Manny said...

heelo! by the way rear window was not my first Hitchcock movie by the way. lol i have seen the birds and perfect murder and possibly more but oh well oh and Psycho. i did like it though. Fionna and I are getting along great and maggie often says that i look like you when im in it. i miss you so very mucho. as your birthday nears i miss you more and more. on a brighter note dad bought me a laptop and will keep paying for internet if i blog to improve my writing skills. so thats nice. if it comes through which it might not as it sometimes happens.
Any way i love you. lol