Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Internet in Ger!

I now have internet in my ger. Thank you for everyone who helped make this possible. It took all afternoon, with 4 Mongolian men trying to hook it up, but it is here. So many new possibilities, I don't know what to do with myself. Woohoo!

In other news, I had a small grease fire on my stove last night. And then today, in the midst of the internet hook up, my stove pipe got clogged and my ger rapidly filled with coal smoke forcing everyone to evacuate. This gave the 4 four internet dudes something else to work on, and soon all was well. My mother recently reported that she has been smelling something burning at random times recently and we think it is because that is when I am making a fire. My friend Caroline called it maternal sinus symbiosis. She reports that when she farts, her mom gags. HAHAHA She is a person that I like.

Seminar this week at 1st school with a few PCVs presenting. I will let you know how it goes.

Also, the package was from my dear Aunt Casey with canned food and a magazine and coffee. Yum Yum. Still waiting for the duct tape purse with much anticipation.

I miss you all so much. If you have skype, send me your contact info. If you don't...get it! I love internet! love, C


kate said...

Yes, I must get skype! I'll get it on my work computer, as I am wireless at home, and a much smaller screen.
I am remembering your duct tape gown. Project Runway brilliance!
We are trying to get all eight siblings together in one place, to prepare the Ft. Collins house for sale. It is challenging. Like a big band rehearsal. Everyone has complicated, busy lives.
I miss you so!
Take good care of that stove pipe.

Deirdre said...

I made Gramma go to Parent Teacher Conferences last night for Madeline. Big Mistake. She was miserable. On the plus side, All of her teachers, excepting Mrs. Kassin, adore Madeline and see how wonderfully bright and delightful she is. Then the band meeting. Oh, my. This is getting very excited. A couple of nights in hotels at the beach. Museums. Ancient cities. A night on a ferry on the Adriatic Sea. Wowsa. I cried a little bit.

love, ma