Sunday, December 13, 2009

Uh oh, the laundry's done!

I watched It's A Wonderful Life this weekend for the first time this year (definitely not the last!) and watched Elf while I did a TON of laundry last night. I thought I would describe for you my laundry routine.

1. First I need to make a fire. I get really excited when I can get a fire going with only one match. Last night was not the case, more like 10 matches were required. Then I need to fill up my metal tumpen about half way with water and place on the stove to heat up. Then I fill up my water boiler and plug that in. The water boiler holds about 8 cups of water. Then I sort my clothes. This is a very complicated system where items are sorted based on colors that bleed (ie Walmart dresses which turn things in the water after them purple-ish) and filth. You don't want to watch a work shirt after you wash ger pants that go to and from the outhouse. I like to do 2 loads. The first starts with the dresses and then moves to blacks which includes most of my long underwear. Should I need jeans or my brown pants or my sweatshirt washed they would also go in this load. The second is work shirts followed my khaki work pants as needed, then going to ger shirts, ger pants, pajamas, socks, and undies. Should a dirty item be discovered after its turn has passed, it most likely is headed back to the Water Distiller box I am using as a hamper, better luck next time.

2. So, once the water is hot in the metal tumpen on the stove, I add more wood to the fire, put the tumpen on the floor, press play on my laundry movie of the week, and get to washing. The trick it to wash fast so the water doesn't cool down too much before you are done with the load and to not pay too much attention to the color of the water. Yes it is dark gray color after the 1st, or if you are lucky, 2nd, item of clothing, but I swear it will be cleaner than when you started. Or at least, wetter and more wrinkly. Every item after being washed is thrown in the blue pastic tumpen awaiting the rinse cycle.

After the first load is washed, I dump the water into my dirty bucket. The bucket is called dirty, not because of it's roguish sense of humor, but rather because it resides under my sink to catch the sink water. It is where all used liquid goes and so has to be frequently taken out into the street and dumped. Since winter has come someone arranged the snow in a 3 wall barrier with a hashaa fence making the 4th wall, and this is where people are apparently supposed to dump water so as to not make the whole street a slippery cesspool but rather have one concentrated area. Like a disgusting miniature outdoor skating rink. Hopefully by this point the bucket is only about half full, so I don't have to go dump it yet. I then put more water in the metal tumpen and put it back on the fire, to which I add more wood.

3. At this point I turn to the blue tumpen. I add the no boiling water from my water boiler and some cold water from my water barrel. I rinse and wring out the clothes again and hang on my fancy collapsible clothes rack which I place close to the stove. Again, try not to pay attention to the fact the water is a dark grey. Afterwards I dump the rinse water into the dirty bucket and now have to take it to the street. This involves pulling on sweatpants, sweatshirt, hat, and my slip on brown manly shoes my dad bought me, over the shorts and tank top I wear to do laundry as i gets my ger up about a nice 89 F.

Come back in, take off outer clothes and, just like the song, repeat steps 1 through 3. After ll clothes are hanging up to dry the tumpens dumped, dirty bucked dumped, and water wiped up off the floor, it is time to lie down exhausted.

I really like that my blog spellchecks tumpen and wants to make it tampon.

Patrick leaves Arvaikheer tomorrow. Both he and Amber are going to America! for christmas. Amber left on Friday, so Thursday night I had all 4 of my sitemates over to my ger for Blueberry Pancakes (both Vegan and not-so-much) and French Toast (with syrup!) and a few coctails. The good thing about hosting is you don't have to walk home in the cold afterwards, the bad part is dishes. All in all, a good time was had by everyone!

It looks like I am for sure going to Darkhan for Christmas. A big thank you to Steph and Ryan for hosting! I am psyched. I will only be gone about 5 days, but it will be a nice trip. I might try to take my cat to the vet to get fixed in UB on the way there or back.

10 points if you know where this blog title came from.

I miss you all! A big hug to my Redmond relatives! Sorry I can't be there. love, C


Caitlin Rose said...

I remember putting off doing laundry on Rhonda Rd or at home because it was so much work. I have no idea who that person is anymore.

Deirdre said...

Yeah, when on Rhonda Rd you had a heated laundry room with an ironing board set up and hangers and all that? Yeah. Madeline should come live in a Ger for awhile, I think. (My spell check wants to call the ger *her* or *gee* or *reg*. Gee, ger life is reg. hard for her.

I really appreciate the daily routine posts as that is your life and I miss knowing the details of your life. Life is more about details than it is about big moments. I will do your laundry when I come, like old days. How's that?

The girls got home from Elkton. I got some big projects done at home while they were gone. These next two weeks are going to be chock full of stuff.

We will leave for Ft. Collins on Thursday. Friday to Steamboat. Saturday Yampa and the funeral. Then to Ft. Collins. Then with Mom in the car, back to RC on Sunday. Mom moves in on Tuesday. Then Friday is Christmas. Can anyone say shopping? Wrapping? Delivering? Baking is not going to make the cut. Just the cookies when Kate is here. And this year, Mom, too.

I hope you travel well and I will be holding you in my heart at all times. You are important to me and to all of us. We will set a place for you, no matter what. Kiss the Phoebes for us....

love, Ma

kate said...

That is fascinatingly detailed.

I cannot seem to get my sleep schedule back on track. Woke up at 5 today. ugh. Back to work today. Mixed feelings about that. I'm glad you are going to friends' for christmas. I must look at the map as to where that is.
I do not know where the title comes from.
We will think of you (often) but especially when watching It's A Wonderful Life. It is, isn't it?

Deirdre said...

Oh. And the laundry comment...Is it Phoebe? Does Phoebe say this?

Still your mother...

Camber Carpenter said...

I'm going to get through the day knowing that if I'm ever living in a Mongolian ger, I can do laundry simply by following Caitlin Monahan's step by step manual.
I knew I'd learn something great today.
Visit in August? Me there. I'll bring you new clothes.
Would single load Tide packets be appreciated?

Caitlin Rose said...

nobody gets 10 points. keep trying kids. Mom, i cannot wait until you do my laundry, you are so good at it! I hope every thing goes smoothly this weekend. Don't let the you-know-whats get you down!
Camber: that was my goal. I never want anyone to find themselves in a ger not knowing how to get clean clothes. Also, August yes. Tide packets, awesome! New clothes yes! Camber Awesome! I can't believe you didn't get the 10 points, try harder! love, C

Deirdre said...

Hey. Cool (ha! see what I did there?) new picture... And a V in your town. I am so satisfied. I feel like I just had turkey dinner or something. Now if only the weather thingy on your blog worked, or you had a time thingy, I would be as pleased as homemade pumpkin pie with real whipped cream.

Claire got new shoes last night for her Christmas sing at Robbinsdale. She wears a ladies size 6. The women in this family have good foundations, for sure.

Mucho Gusto lovo to yo! That's French for I love you !

Nest se pas...


Mary Q Contrarie said...

I am done complaining about my laundry routine. Where I simply throw it in my automatic machine and when it's done I move it to my clothes drying rack that I usually have set up in the middle of my living room. Then simply wait for them to dry and then yell at my teen to do her job and put away the laundry. The yelling at the teen is the hardest part of the whole process.