Saturday, December 12, 2009


My grandpa died. My school internet won't work, otherwise I would post a pic of him. I wish I could go home. I wish i could be with my mom. I love you all. love, C


Michele said...

Love you sweetheart, and holding you and your Mom and sisters close... Miss you SO much. Can't wait to see your family of girls soon. HUGS,

Deirdre said...

I know you do sweetheart, and you are missed for reals. Do not forget how patient you were with Grandpa and how hard you tried to care for him. In truth he could be a mean, paranoid grumpy old guy and he was not very nice to you. You did for him while he was alive, which is way more important than helping organize a funeral and road trip. You are a wonder to have around and your place is saved. I miss you and ache to think that you are alone and lonely. Wah. Hold on. Only 5 more months of winter!!! love ma

kate said...

Yeah, like your mom said, you were with him when it really mattered. Your presence, and your humor cheered him alot, in his last few months here. We all knew this was coming, but it is still kind of desolate, that it's now here. Having Charlie and Will and James and Ellie and Mom and Pat and Lori and the girls at the hospital for the all-night vigil meant alot. We'll get through all the shifts that this brings. Stay warm, and as your Grandpa liked to say "keep the sunny side up!"