Monday, December 7, 2009


Thank you Dr. and Donna Burns! I love the long underwear and the magazine and the peanut butter and the calender and the notecards and EVERYTHING!

Thank you Aunt Casey! one word: COFFEE! Thanks also for the hat and the scarf and the battery charger and the converter and the adapters and EVERYTHING!

Thanks mom for old pants! And the granola bars and garden burgers and Velveeta! and EVERYTHING!

You make me so happy! love, C


Deirdre said...

You make me so happy. I am glad you got the old pants. Nothing like old pants, I say.
A miracle occurred this morning. It defies explanation. I woke up to a loud kitty sound and Manhattan was in between the screen and the inside door. She was not even very cold. There were no human prints in the snow around the house. I followed her tracks and she came from Krystals yard and came through the gate to the front door. She must have been in someone's house and slipped out again or she made such a noise they let her out. Weird and weird and a happy ending. What a whack.
I hope your day with coffee in your coffee press was dandy. What I great idea, sister. Thank you so much from me too. Caitlin I hope your old pants keep you warm. I hope Dr. and Mrs.'s Burn's underthings will keep you even warmer. Thanks you two! Who would have ever imagined you would be buying Murph's Granddaughter underthings?
You are just so cool, Caitlin. It was delight to talk to you and thanks for the post. I know a lot more people read it than you would imagine. Your fans are legion. I am one of their leaders

love, ma

kate said...

And with a fanfare the christmas season begins in Arvaikheer aimag! woo-hoo! I had heard about the coffee package...
Well, it is still really cold, and really snowing. I see my near future, and skiing is just not in it, sadly. Just too much going on, and not enough snow up top. Skiing in crappy conditions is not better than fishing. I will wait.
I am sewing, sometimes joyfully, sometimes, well, not. Better with music and nag champa.
Things still good with the boyfriend unit. So nice to be with someone who likes music as much as I do. And poetry. And politics. We have some of the same funny quirks which suggest perhaps we were separated at birth.
Your package has left NY, for Beijing by this time. I am visualizing it, like a good hippie. White light around it, all that. hahaha
Are you back at work? How is the pta?
I love you, and think about you morningly,