Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blog for Michelle, my belle

It's Michelle's 44th burthday and I got to talk to her yesterday. (sorry hun, you already put your agwe online, I though it would be ok.) I am sending you all the good feeling I can muster here in this frozen tundra I live in. Michelle told me yesterdsay that she checks my blog twice a day. I think more people read ym ridiculous ramblings than I imagine...

I talked to Brad, who had to return home for medical reasons. He is back in good old Rapid City, SD and is doing well and meeting with a surgeon soon (no mom, I didn't ask who, I am terrible.) Good luck Brad! I hope you feel perfect very soon!

I feel crappy today, not sure why. Probably has something to do the water, or the food, or the coal filling my lungs. "I think I've got the black lung pop! cough, cough"

ooops, time for an English Olympic Training. That's right, I train people for the Olympics! jealous? I thought so...

love, C


Deirdre said...

I am jealous. But only about the Olympics. My laundry routine is somewhat less complicated. My weather is not as cold. My heating system is easier to use. (like turn it up, turn it down.)
I totally love your new picture. I see that Katie H. has a similarly looking picture on her facebook. You both look rather chilly.

Off to get so much done you can't even believe it...

love you so very much,

Michele said...

Thanks Caitlin. Love you so much and miss you, too. It was SO great to talk with you the other night... Cannot wait to hug your girl family. xoxoxo,