Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My mother’s handwriting

When I saw the small brown package with my mother’s handwriting on it, I almost wept for joy. I wasn’t supposed to look until after class, but I snuck a peek in the meeker on the way in and there it was. A package for me! I smiled all the way through CYD sector training and ran out before everyone else, purple Leatherman in hand. The package had “via China” written on it about 7 seven times and one desperate “China! Please!” I laughed out loud. (I saved the part of the package where you wrote your return address. It just looked so friendly.) Yum yum beef jerky. Yum yum Mac and Cheese. Yum Yum Dino Maple and Brown Sugar Outmeal! A small nylon loop pot holder from my baby sister and a card that said “cakey” Also some Emergen-Cs and some peanut butter. (Which should probably be sent in a plastic bag of some sort…love and learn.) I was literally skipping.
In other news, I have moved in with my PCT BFF Katie Holder. My original family was just too busy to be home much and I am too poor to be paying for food. Katie has a queen bed and a giant room so we are pretty comfortable. They have a shower, which I used last night (It looks like a space pod, beam me up!) and hot water! It’s very “posh” corps. Her family is great. Aaw (dad) is in China, but Eej (mom) and the girls Jagaa (17) and Tuxhoo (11 yesterday!) are you and are sweet as pie. We taught them how to play Yahtzee last night and they loved it. (Remember when you bought me those Yahtzee scorecards, dad? Big Hit!)
Everyone is pretty ready for PST to be over. We are working hard to learn our acts for Swearing In on the 19th. Eight people are dancing and a couple people are singing (I am one of those who are singing.) To give us an idea of what people have done in the past, they showed us the video from last year. The M19s are a talented group of people! It will certainly be a hard act to follow. Only 10 days until we find out our site placement. I have a “perfect site scenario” in my head, which is probably a bad idea because I don’t want to be disappointed, but I can’t help it. I can’t wait to get my address so I can start getting more packages. The stuff in the packages are great, but even better is the feeling I got from being connected to home.
Fact: I got a new tumpen as the old one broke. It is blue. But still plastic.
Fact: Megan;'s mom sent homemade cookies. Baked goods are a go!
Can you believe I have been here 53 days?!?! love, C


Manny said...

I miss u sooo much and im soo sorry i missed you're call. I was in Bozeman last night and didnt get in untill late so i was very tired! I am here and awake all day. Im not sure what time it is for you me and ill sleep with my phone so i can here it. I usually stay up pretty late. Montana is fun. IDK if you've talked to mom lately but she misses you too! We all do and we're counting down the days untill you come home. Hope you are well and having a great time.

Aaron said...

Who wouldn't love yahtzee?? and yeah it doesn't feel like that long ago that we were gambling our dollars away and climbing to the top of the world, or at least the highest point east of the rockies. But indeed, August has come and I did not get another job. Which means I don't have to move away from Gabb and everyone I know, so it's good. Miss your face so much! Internet is finally working in the apt again but who knows how long. Gabb and I took engagement pictures up on Lake Superior and some parks, we got waves crashing behind us and they are awesome. During the drive up and back we also saw 4 wolves along the road, they were awesome, as well.
I'm hoping you get your new address REAL soon so we can send you a cool package and find out all about where you're living. we could probably even spy on you with google earth. then you could mention some easily identifiable landmark and we'd be like oh you mean next to this other landmark? That would be great
I'm glad you could still enjoy all the delicious food you were deprived of for so long. food is good. And you are good too. Miss you tons Caitlin Rose!

Gabb said...

Please keep Steven Tyler in your he fell of a stage at Sturgis. Seriously, you'd think that an elf's father would be a little more spry in his young sixties.
Apparently when I tried to look at your pictures earlier it was when there was some attack on facebook that slowed everything down something fierce. These people obviously did not realize who I am or what business they were meddling in. I hired Aerosmith to take them out but my lead hitman is now in a hospital.
I can't believe you're so close to your swearing in! Actually I's felt like an eternity without're not even sworn in yet!?
I can't remember if I told you or not but you can't stop reading right now so---the wedding is going to be in the Florida Keys instead. More stuff to do, less drug trade, and no international headaches on top of the whole wedding thing. Aaron and I decided not to go with the Wiccan priestess in a kayak, but don't think I didn't imagine about it :)

Aaron hasn't told his parents about the destination wedding yet. That will come this weekend. I offered to accompany him for moral support but he thought it best if I wasn't there. I secretly agree (secretly, mind you) but I tried to make a genuine know, since all my other ones were so successful.
Does 2012 work for you?
I got real excited when I saw your smores. mmm, lemon strawberry chocolate. Also, I am super proud of your ability to digest cheese. It's one of the most wonderful foods on earth and you are one of the most wonderful people on earth so honestly it makes-a the sense.
Remember to open your mouth real wide when you sing for the moment. Make Steven Tyler proud! I already am!

Deirdre said...

I love love love to hear your voice on the phone. Claire Bear wrote a message yesterday, but the Blog was woinky and it would not post. She is bummed, as she would have been first.

I am so excited for you to get your assignment. You are going to rock your assignment just like you rock everything you do. You are a ROCK STAR! A SUPERSTAR! (sniff sniff)

love, ma

alan said...

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