Saturday, August 15, 2009


That is in Overkhangai Aimag. Arvaikheer is the capital and that is where I am moving to after swearing in on Wednesday! It has a population of 110,400 people. My mailing address is:

Caitlin Monahan
Secondary School #2
Araikheer City
Overkhangai aimag

2-P CуPГууЛb

Try to write both the english and cyrillic on packages or letters. It may make the difference between me getting the precious things you send or not! It can actually be fun! (weee!) The y ended up looking funny, but can actually be the same size as the other letters, as can the й. Don't alter much else. ie the capital B must remain so as it is actually a different letter than b. Thanks kids!

I just recieved my second care package look forward to getting more at my site! We are in our final days of PCT and are about to swear in to be full PCVs! I am thrilled. It turns out I will definately be living in a ger! It is only a 4 wall, so it will be small, but I am excited to have my own space. I will be a social worker in a secondary school with 3600 students, 98 teachers, 46 other workers, and 13 English Teachers! I am sure I will do a fair amount of English Teaching, but my main job is Youth Development, so clubs is definately something I will work on. The adverage classroom has 45 students. I will add more specific things to the list of wants on the left of my blog, but please make sure to send a note with all packages, pictures are also great! love, C


Andy said...

Oh wow. 3600 students!? I can't even image that. At least the classes are only 45 kids each. That's pretty manageable.

Deirdre said...

There is no way I can write those letters. I cannot even tell what most of them are. They seriously look like smudges or something.

What is after the KA? in your name. It looks like a backward capital N, only smaller with a squiggle above it? is that right?

Then in the next line, MOH, then it looks like a non capital r only big, then an o then, an small n, only large, with a dragging back foot. Then the Y, then the dragging foot n thing again.

The next line looks like a 0 with a squiggle through it, then a capital B, then another 0 with the squiggle. then the PXAH, then the large lower case r followed but a capital A then a small size capital backward N with a squiggle above it. Is there a space then between that and the next part? Or is it all one word? Anyway capital A, the small size, backward capital N with squiggle, then MA and the large size, lower case r.

APBA small size capital backward N with squiggle, X, the two small 33's? P. Is there a space then? XOT

2-P CyP then the lower case large size r, the two yy then the dragging foot large size lower case n, then lower case b?

Have I got it?

Over hang guy? Hummm.

And what do you need the clubs for? Is clubbing sanctioned?

I am very so much proud of you and so excited with you to start your new job and life and have your own tent. Look there, our Baby's all grown up and saving Mongolia. While chopping her own wood and living in a yurt, oops, I mean a ger.

You are totes obs awlsome. I love you muchly. We are getting another box together. I do not hold out much hope for the first one. Wah....So many crackers and jerky lost in the ether.

Good to talk to you at Ma and Pa's. Things are holding in Steamboat. You are missed.

Proudly adoring you,

your ma

kate said...

Yeah! Congratulations! It will be sweet to have your own space. I hope you will be warm enough in the ger. Grrr hahaha. I'm going to Target after work, as there is no food in the larder and Ted the Tenant used all the toilet paper. Ah, roommates. So all good things can be found at Target, just like Craig's List. Well, almost. Still looking for love, for instance. Anyway, I'm underslept, having worked a music festival all week-end and now back at my day job, so I ramble.
I'm happy for you, to have matriculated and getting your full-on assignment. I will need to look up this place you speak of.
I miss and love you!