Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Final Center days

OK ok, sorry. I met my counterpart and she said the address in the roman alphabet is fine. No cyrillic for you! Just write the English version.
So yes, I met my counterpart. She is 24 (although because Mongolians often add a year to count the time they spent in utero, she is probably actually 23) Her name is Tungaa and I am super excited about working with her. She is the school social worker, although often in Mongolia that involves more party planning than anything. Apparently my school I will be going to has many children with special needs as well as some children that come from very poor families. I will make sure to update as soon as I get to site, probably on Friday. I miss you all! love, C
p.s. more pics!


Deirdre said...

You are the coolest ever. And a very good singer. Even on Skype I can tell you sing like an angel. Mongolia is very lucky to have you. I miss you. I am glad you like the Mango's. Sorry about the spillage of the whatever spilled. Dangit.

Love love love the new pictures. You are as cute an a bug.

Madeline is doing her second day of driving with the instructor. Oh boy.

Claire goes to Sylvan Lake. But I think I told you that already.

I think you are the most talented bravest person I know. You. You trooper you!

love, the mother

kate said...

Oh boy, Super Target has all those things you like. I'm excited to assemble a package for you and hurl it half-way around the world to land in your ger. I looked at pictures of your new area, wow. It looks like you are near yet another state park. And not too far from UB, although that might not be taking into account the condition of the roads.
There is a nip of winter in the air here, which is invigorating. I'm looking forward to ski season! I camped up at Planet Bluegrass, and it was downright cold at night.
I'm glad you like the person you will be working with. What a great adventure!
love, the auntie

Gabb said...

I'm so happy that I got to talk to you today! It always is an uber special treat, even if I'm only half concious.
That's exciting you got to meet your counterpart...and that Katie invited you to use her shower! I like her already.

I hope your ger will exceed your expectations...and then you can update your wish list again for your new home improvements. I think that a dog is a fantastic idea.

I've been having meetings over my possible thesis. It kind of makes me feel a little sick. The word 'thesis' is a little daunting. I keep saying 'a little' because my best friend is moving to a ger which makes school fears rather trivial. Basically, you're epic.

Sending tons of love your way!