Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I finished Pope Joan. I liked it, it was a real page turner. Not brilliant or anything, but good. I am still reading Wizard and Glass: The Dark Tower IV, and HP and the Chamber of Secrets, and have now started The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman, mostly because it is smaller than Wizard and Glass, so I can carry it around in my backpack.

Terrence and Brandon came to Arvaikheer last weekend and Terrence stayed with me Friday and they both stayed with me Saturday night. My ger is really too small to accommodate 2 grown men on the floor, but we made it work. I even treated them to French Toast on Sunday morning. Saturday I went over to my VSO friends Melinda and Antoine's apartement for crepes. Antoine is French, so they were authentic and delicious. For toppings we had a variety of canned fruit spreads that Melinda had made. I even got to try some of Melinda's (who is Australian) vegemite. For those of you who have not had it, I think it tastes a little bit like a spreadable boullion cube. Strong, but not all together unpleasant. I would totally eat it before I starved, if it came down to that.

My cat seems to think that my pillow is the only place she can sleep. This is becoming difficult as it is actually my favorite place to put my head while I sleep. Also, if my hair moves, my cat needs to bat at it, often hitting my face, distrupting my sleep. I do feel a little relunctant to completely banish the cat from the pillow, as I know he remembers such afronts and will get back at me later. I saw a picture headline on the onion which showed a cat and was titled "Kitten thinks if nothing but murder all day." Kinda makes you think...

I went to Book Bridge Library yesterday and sorted books. I really like alphabatizing books, although they sometimes look at me like I am crazy. I really think I can read a majority of the Advanced Fiction section by my COS, that's Close Of Service. Somewhere around July 2011.

Camber, just an FYI, this year July 11 and 12 is Naadam, or the festival of the three manly sports. Wrestling, Archery, and Horseback Riding. It and Tsagan Sar coming up in February are the two biggest Mongolian Holidays. If you can, you moght want to try to come them. There will be a lot of tourists, but it is quite the event to see. Also, you better not use language like that when you come here! hahahaha

A big thank you so Sara and Tony Venhuizen for the package I just recieved, candy canes intact and all! Also to my sweet Aunt Casey, thank you so very much and I hope you got the splinter out. If not, why not make one of the yound men lifeguards at the pool help you. Perfect.

I made my first really impressive meal in my ger yesterday. I soaked dried tofu in a little soy souce and water the night before and stirfried them with Kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage, the national dish of Korea), peppers, and onions. I was amazing, if i do say so myself. See I can cook! And then I did the dishes! I am quite the domestic goddess.

My just internet went out when I was talking to my dad. Poo. I love you dad.

I guess I will have to post this later, maybe tomorrow. Why internet? WHY!?!?!?!

Happy Birthday tomorrow to Aunt Kate!

With help from many people, I was able to contact a nice Mongolian man to start making a frame for my hammock. Hopefully by my birthday, I will have my hammock set up in my ger. Perfection.

Did I mention I was going to get internet in my ger for my birthday? I am! It will be great. Should I get wireless or cord? I need to figure out the pros and cons of each.

ok, now it should work!

love, C


Deirdre said...

I used to eat Kimchi like a banshee. I have forgotten about it somehow. My children, present company excluded are sucking my brains right out of my head. I liked the Subtle Knife. As I recall (see above) Madeline liked it too.
I agree with the banishment. Your kitty already has gender identity issues. S/He is alone all day everyday. What does S/He think about? Your pillow, for one. What else? I think you should proceed with caution.
I think you are a goddess, both domestic and foreign.
And I love you,
love ma

kate said...

Thank you for the bday wishes! You are the second person of the morning, as my boyfriend is up early heh heh. He got me a piano bench for my birthday. Like, wow.
This morning I will go swimming, and then to lunch with a couple who are part of the Lamont Society (donors) who cruise regularly on the Seaborne Spirit, the ship that I was on for two contracts. They are Cool Old People. This week-end I will go to the Broadmoor, in Colorado Springs, the fanciest hotel ever. It is for work, but the show is over by 5. Then I will enjoy, and pretend I am a dignitary. Rumor has it that it is where George W. fell off the bar stool and found god. I'm driving the truck full of gear down there. Back just in time for the Solo Honors Competition on Saturday(a big deal in our little world) then a party at the Lafayette St. house. I haven't been there in ages. My Gothic Gate is still there, which I will for sure install this summer. Danny found a kitten, while snow-shoeing last week-end. She is working on me pretty hard to get a kitten. Pros and cons, pros and cons. What I need is a paying roommate. Craigs List has been taken over by cretins. Surely there is a new, more hip alternative where I can find the right person to live with!
Miss and love you,

Camber Carpenter said...

Oh, Caitlin, thanks for thinking of me in relation to Mongolian wrestling. Unfortunately, my contract is until July 17...dangit. Final performance will be in a library. Can you alphabetize Chinese books? If so, you should come here!

Um. I have to leave my apartment...not exactly getting evicted, but sort of. Gotta find a crazy to live with.

If you can have 2 grown men in your ger, Shirley, I can fit there. Commute would be a killer, but I think eating kimchi with you would balance that out.
Oh, did I tell you I'm in a play with a woman named Shirley!! And I laugh every time I see her.
Oh, and I told someone about Jackie Chan being the last person to speak Mandarin. It happened in a Mexican restaurant, as I stroked a clearly fake cactus and said, "Hey, it's real" and was met with freaking out screeches that it can't possibly be real.

Gabb said...

The 2 most important days in Mongolia are in Feb, yes? The 17th and the 27th? Huh, we must be celebrities.

Did I ever tell you I have class with Donnie's mom?

I bought a fedora for $2. I normally don't like wearing hats, but it reminds me of Johnny Depp a la Public Enemies and therefore makes me happy. I want to wear it to work but feel it would be a little too cliche as I work at a bank.

I'm curious about this kimchi you speak of. I love stir-fry, and completely support you eating it for as many days in a row as you wish :)

Tomorrow Susi and I are going to Capers. Woo!

I can't wait for you to get internet in your ger! Although my internet will be no better for talking to you, you will be able to upload more pictures! And find other amusements and talk to your mom and dad without calls being dropped.

I love you and miss you and am making good choices,