Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I can read. But mostly I watch TV.

The bus back from UB was not the party bus. However the rows were really close together, so we were all pretty cozy. We got started late, stop frequently (although not for lunch), Patrick and Brandon were concerned about not recognizing scenery (for a while we wondering if we were going to Bayonkhongor), but somehow we made it to Arvaikheer about a half hour before we usually do. I swear time does not flow the same way here. I immediately met Allison, I got Toulouse (my cat, we are trying Toulous now), and took a cab home. I haven't done much since getting back besides work and rest. I am still coughing a lot and am exhausted all the time. poo poo

I am so entertained right now. I got some new tv show seasons from friends on my external hard drive and picked up a couple new books in UB. I thought I would start to make a list of what I am reading/watching and a short review. Mostly for Miss Madeline, whom I adore.
30 Rock- funny, although I am still mad that it came out at the same time as Studio 60 and doomed it to failure, even though Studio 60 is smarter. The best part is really that everyone here is watching it, so we have inside jokes about it. Also I like Tina Fey and that Jenna girl from Ally McBeal.

Arrested Deveopment- I don't think it is as funny as other people do. It has it's moments and can be nice to watch after something scary (Dexter) before bed...but only since I finished Scrubs.

Big Love- Perhaps my favorite thing discovered since coming to the frozen tundra. I find polygamy really facinating and I really like what's his face and the third wife. They have really nice houses though, so sometimes I get sad. Like when they get ice out of the ice maker in the door of the fridge. :(

Carnivale- I am a little bored in the second season. But the first was really good. And I like Clea DuVall (Madeline, remember that episode of Buffy she was in where she turns invisible and gets to work for the CIA? That was awesome!)

Dexter- Makes me miss my dad who watches it and is too scary for me to watch in my ger. But I do it anyway, then I have nightmares. But not as much if I watch something light like Arr. Dev. or The Simpsons before bed then read a chapter from the british Harry Potter books that the book bridge library has. More on that later

Entourage- Another bit of awesome. Although since it features famous people in hollywood they have a lot of things I don't have. Like showers.

Extras- Hilarious, especially the 1st season. Kate Winslet advising how to have good phone sex while in a nun's habit may be the best thing that has ever happened on british television. (distinction due to Aaron Sorkin, hahaha!)

Firefly- AMAZING! No, this is my favorite show discovered in Mongolia. Joss Whedon is awesome. A big thank you to Madeline for teaching me about Joss. You are even more awesome.

Freaks and Geeks- good show, although I can kind of see why it was cancelled. Seth Rogen is really boring in it though, he got better with age. What happened to the girl? She is good.

Glee- I just started it. Why did my High School not have glee? I love it alot. I wish I was watching it with Jordan. I sing along through most of it.

Rome- Really good, although again a little too scary for my ger. They had indoor plumbing., which gives me some pause here in the hoodoo. I watched it all while during laundry, so now I need a new laundry show. Maybe Dexter would be better then...

The Simpsons- Great for after Dexter watching. I feel a little behind the times just watching it now.

The West Wing- yes I watched it again! I miss Jennie.

I just found out the Brandon is downloading Studio 60 for my birthday! Woohoo!

Currently reading:

A Year of Living Biblically: A guy tries to live biblically for one year. Funny, kind of annoying, makes me think i should write a book about living in Mongolia. He writes it just like a journal, and people say they like my blog, hmmm...

Wizard and Glass: 4th? installment of Steven Kings's Dark Tower Series. It is hard to keep track of all that happened in the 1st three and I think I have 3 more to go. Sometimes too scary to read in my ger, plus I don't have the next one here, so I am going really slow.

Harry Potter: I am re-reading HP because the library here has the British edition of the books. I like finding the differences from the American versions. The first one is called HP and the Philosopher's Stone. Dudley learns the word "shan't" as a baby (as opposed to "won't") and they spell color with a u. Also, I am a nerd.

Lion of Ireland- I got bored after 2 pages so I put it on hold considering I am reading about 7 other books at the same time.

Pope Joan- I just picked it up in UB at Greg's house. He let me take it, I didn't steal it! Just finished the introduction. I have heard good things.

What Dreams May Come-I haven't checked this book out, but I read it when I am at the library. It's pretty bad. I didn't even like the movie. Why am I reading this?

Recently finished:

Mere Christianity, CS Lewis- I prefer Narnia and felt it was rude that he could give me his side but he wasn't around to hear my arguments. Still I feel more cultured, so that's something.

Water Music, TC Boyle- I generally liked it. They talked alot about how hot it is in Africa, which was sometimes frustrating. I am reading it while in my sleeping bag freezing to death, but whatever. The descriptions of the enourmous queen were amazing.

Twilight-I hate myself. It's a disease! Sometimes it is good to just have something mindless to do. Plus Patrick read them with me so there!

I am really hungry, so I am going to go home now. I will add more later if I forgot some. love, C


Camber Carpenter said...

I just acquired Firefly from a friend in SD! I'm looking forward to watching it soon. Don't give away its secrets yet, please.

Also, you are reading so many books at the same time. I challenge you to read HP in Mongolian.

I miss you. But I'm pretty sure I'm being evicted at the end of July--or maybe the beginning--no one knows. So that's good news on the Camber to Mongolia front!

kate said...

Good morning, or for you, evening. I will mop my floors today. Yesterday I woke up grumpy, having been awakened by Practice Roommate and could not get back to sleep. It seemed to set the tone for the day. Ever have one of those days? I overloaded the washer, and things were soggy, had to spin them again, ran out of time to get to class, realized I didn't have my assignment (bad student!) got my boyfriend to bail me out by printing it off for me, and running it out to me as I drove by. Went to Cherry Creek to find a pocket calendar (why is this so hard!?)since Danny canceled our noon walk AGAIN, lotion spilled in my bag, my truck wouldn't start, so I had to scrape battery terminals to get it to turn over....things got better when I got to work, but for a while there I thought I should go back to bed and start over. Just need grounding. Mopping floors is very grounding. Monday was MLK day, and John and I went to the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Science Museum (most of Denver had the same idea). It was mildly interesting. There was a couple there who played instruments and did a mask dance, that was the best. I hope to correspond with them, and learn more about this remote country in which you find yourself.
I hope your cough abates. Is it from the wood stove? Toulouse? (too loose, haha) Do you have your inhaler?
Anyway, I think of you daily. Hang on, spring is coming!!

Deirdre said...

Too bad about the lack of Party bus. I would like to picture you on the party bus everyday. I wish it would come fetch you for school. Wouldn't that be something if you woke up and you were in some other place and it was dark and cold and then what? You would have to make the bus driver take you home with them.

Time is a foreign concept to me. I hope you do not think I would be surprised to learn that Mongolian time flows differently. Time is different every time and everyplace. What time is it? Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? Only those who have to make the trains run on time, and you know what people say about them.

You are giving your kitty a personality disorder. Stop.

Maybe you have pneumonia like Claire. Cough cough cough...

Being entertained is good. Being entertaining is better.

Do you think Madeline could major in Pop Culture? Then what?

Have you read all the Dark Tower stuff? I have not. I think maybe when I am old I will read more. I hope I can. Otherwise it would be like that episode of Twilight Zone where the guy just hates people and just loves books and while he is in the basement of the library everyone is killed. He is so happy he jumps up and down with joy and his glasses go flying off and he stomps on them. Bummer. I will have a list as long as life of things I didn't have time to read and end up like grandma, reading the same sentence over and over again.

Camber. I hope you get to go to Mongolia. Mongolia needs you. You need Mongolia. Who would evict you? I hates them.

Thanks for calling last night. You are a jewel in the crown of the universe. Plus also, I like you.

Mucho loveo,


kate said...

I see on Weather Underground that the weather in Brookings is very akin to what you are experiencing now. No wonder you are tolerating the cold so well!
I am going to get serious about getting Skype. I wonder if I should do it on my home computer? Or work? Or both? Must look into this....
Miss you like butter!