Thursday, January 7, 2010

boop boopidoo yeah

1. Eastern Orthadox Christmas meal with dishes from Eritrea was awesome. I love food and it is really funny to watch Mongolian taste spicy dishes. They no likey.

2. In 2 hours I will sing Popular from Wicked in front of my whole school. I needed a song without the words, Karaoke style, and this is the only solo I have. I wish I was Kristin Chenoweth.

3. Ate at Luving Hut again today. yum yum

4. Apparently my counterpart Tungaa wants to curl my hair for the occasion.

5. It is Andy's birthday today. I am so happy you were borned and that Canada exists so you could be from there. Happy Birthday!

5 1/2. It is cousin Kim's birthday. I am also glad you were borned. And glad I was born first. HAHA! Have fun celebrating in Steamboat! Happy Birthday!

6. Facebook gave my parents a C- for naming me Caitlin. I give facebook a D+ for being called facebook. It's so trendy like celebrity kids names. Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Zoltan, and the like. On the other hand if Sarah Palin was my creator my name would be Loin Falcon Palin.

7. I have a pot of water on my stove at all time to humiditize my ger a little. It was suggested that is I put in yummy smelling esential oil type drops in the water, my ger would smell nice. It is being added to the list to your left.
<------------------ That way.

8. I miss you.

9. My power cord that my lovely Uncle Dave ordered for my computer, made possible by donations from Jack and Bea, Dave, and Viewers Like You, has arrived at it's preliminary destination to be couried to Mongolia by a friend of mine returning from Christmas Holiday in the sun. Thank you unamed friend and those family members that made it possible!

1o. I love peanuts in the shell. They are delicious. I can use the shells in my cat litter mixture. And they bags they come in are good for small trash bags. It's the little things...

11. I love my sisters. Alot. Also, they need to stop bothering our mother when she is on the phone with me. I will eat them.

Love, C


Deirdre said...

Do you know the names of the spicy food you ate?

I am so glad you are not Kristen Chenowith. Then I would not be mother. That is sad. I would pay to see you sink popular before I would pay to see Kristen Chenowith sing it. You are a star.

I love the cult lady for building her loving hut in your town. She has helped me worry so much less.

Curls are fancy. Good thinking Tungaa.

Andy is a gentleman and a scholar and I am glad he was borned too.

I am glad it is Kim's birthday too. I am glad she is borned too. She is pretty. And has fancy curly hair.

If the quiz would have asked where your mother came up with the name and if you could have told them from the Pogues and it means Pure and it is named after your auntie.


I miss you.

Dave is so great. Thanks great Dave.

I did not know you liked peanuts in the shell.

Sister are not for eating.


I love you,


kate said...

You are a funny, funny girl. One of many things I admire about you. Orrapan came and looked at the house today. I hope both she and Janelle move in. It will be a different household! She came with a big group of friends, it was amusing. Her english is okay, not extensive. That's alright by me. Now I will cook lunch for my friends and get advice how to move around the furniture to accommodate the piano. That will make it a different household too. I'm glad you are getting your power cord. Yea!

Gabb said...

Aaron says I'm supposed to ask you about another cat-in-shirt incident? Also, I have something obnoxious to show you the next time we video call :) Aaron hates it; I hope you love it.
You're good at singing Popular! It will be a magnificent show, and you shall have magnificent hair that defies gravity.
I am trying to beat the winter blues. It definitely helps that we're getting more sunlight and people are starting to head back to Brookings. Classes start next week. I only have one class left to complete for my MS...and that pesky thesis...and other comps that I don't want to think about. Ew.
I really want to graduate, but as of right now it looks like I'll be moving to Iowa I can't seem to force myself to hurry it along ;)
I love you and miss you and your cord enablers are awesome.

Deirdre said...

Well. anyway. I pay to see you sing over K.C. (squeeky). But whatever. You are a star.
Are you in the vege cult now?
Did Tungaa curl your hair?

love, ma

Deirdre said...

Well. anyway. I pay to see you sing over K.C. (squeeky). But whatever. You are a star.
Are you in the vege cult now?
Did Tungaa curl your hair?

love, ma