Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I want to get this blog started before I depart. I have never done this before, but here it goes. Here is a quick catch up as to what has been happening and what the plan is for the future. In August 2007 I applied to the Peace Corps. (hence forth known as PC) On November 1st I was nominated for a Youth Development Program in Asia/Central Asia. This came as a bit of a shock as I had been planning on Africa, but I was excited and began my medical clearance. This was a hugely frustrating experience, but I have now been medically cleared. On February 28th, 2008 I was accepted as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in the Community Youth Development Program as a Life Skills Trainer in Mongolia. MONGOLIA! Today is March 18th. This coming weekend I am in Rapid City for Spring Break. Next weekend I work. The weekend after that I present at the Upper Midwest Honors Conference in Wisconsin. The weekend after that I work. The weekend after that I go on a mini-vaca to Lake Pickerel. The weekend after that I work. The weekend after that I graduate from College!! The next two weekends I will be traveling to North Carolina with my grandparents to see my Uncle Dave, his wife and daughters, the mountains, and the ocean. The weekend after that I pack. The weekend after that I leave for Mongolia. And for the next 108 weekends or so I will be in Mongolia. I guess you could say I have weekend plans.


Whitney said...

I'm so glad you made a blog! What a great idea! I'm totally going to bookmark it and check it everyday when your gone. I'm going to miss you like bacon!!!!!!!! :'( Hey guess what? We are going to graduate together and we better have "fun" that weekend!

Gabb said...

awesome. I think that instead of me visiting you in Mongolia, you should just be here with me over spring break. It's warmer, less yaks.

Vicki said...

Pickerel Lake? In Northern SD??? You will be 10 miles from the house where I grew up! Say hello to everyone up there for me!