Monday, September 27, 2010

Harry Potter Book Club!

Last night we had our second meeting of the Advanced English Book Club. Around 15 people participated, which was an increase from last week's 8 or so. Last night we finished chapter 1, The Boy Who Lived. Everyone took turns reading aloud and everyone seemed to get what was happening. Even people who originally claimed to be too shy eventually were peer pressured into reading. This is one of the things that I am really excited about here in the beginning of my second year. We hold the club on Monday evenings in Book Bridge Library at my friend Uugaana's NGO, the Youth Development Center. The library has 4 copies of the first book. 2 are the American editions and 2 are the british, which doesn't make much a difference beyond a few word changes. During the club, 3 or 4 people gather around every book. So if you know anyone who had to buy a copy of the HP books for each of their children so they wouldn't have to fight over a single copy, but now really only need 1 around the house, we could definately use some more. It is so amazing to have a group of people come to something that you organized and want to be there and participate.

Other things I am excited for include:

88 Bikes Project! 100 Bikes have been ordered for kids in Arvaikheer and will arrive around Oct. 15s to be given out end of October or early November, when a rep from 88 bikes can come. A second project in Hojirt soum is already being planned.

Monglish Night:
Tuesdays at Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant. People can come and practice English and we (PCV and VSO vlounteers) practice our Mongolian (sort of!) Good food, good relationships, fun times.

Site Mates:
Awesome people!

love, C


Camber Carpenter said...

You sound joyful!
I'm exciiiiited to be with you for a week...IN MONGOLIA.

I wanna do Monglish! and book club!!!
and LIFE!!

Caitlin Rose said...

yeah! We are going to have so much fun! yipee! 39 days!

Deirdre said...

Camber and Caitlin in MONGOLIA! Holy Crap. This is going to be fun fun fun. I will watch from here!

Good one on the Book Club. I am so excited for you. It is imperative you have things to look forward to and delight in as the Mongolian winter settles in. I have it on good authority that the winters are scary. I will watch from here!

I love you and am holding you in my heart every minute of every day!

You are the best! Better than the rest! Go CAITLIN!

love, ma

Anonymous said...

Blast im jealous! You got way too many cool people over there. Im especially enraged you live in a town where there actually are students who can understand any level of english past HellO!!!!!!